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Ho Ho Ho!

(What else can I say on Christmas Eve?)

Before the year closes, I'd like to show you a MOMOD (which is meant to say My Own MODification) of Lego's Queen Anne's Revenge.

This was a nice ship, however, when it came to playing pirates noone in the family showed interest to play with that skull-ladden thing.

So, to bring it back to life, there had to be some adaptions:


So I added an upper deck (some small cannons were added too).

We removed the skulls


Changed some more :pir-grin:


And suddenly you have a beautiful ship!


Have a wonderful Christmas time!


Captain Braunsfeld

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Nice MOMOD, I like this new term pir_laugh2.gif .

It makes a more realistic ship, I had the original set myself but only for a couple of days, it didn't take long before I modified it as well.

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