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Hi. I'm just a random guy.

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Hey. I'm John.

I'm a 17 year old aspiring metal1 musician (though I only started learning bass last month, I come up with riffs and lyrics near constantly).

I'm trying to get back into Lego (well, to get into customising for the first time actually), though I played with Legos when I was younger, I was, I hate to admit it, a biter. I always used my teeth to pull apart tightly stuck bricks, so I'm gonna have to buy a lot of new ones.

Yay for me, boo for my wallet, I guess.

I'm also seriously into classic gaming, (NES mostly,) so you'll probably see me on threads dedicated to that, and music of course. And anime/manga. And old cartoons.

Welp, this is getting to tl;dr length, so...

Up the Irons, from your new friendly neighborhood metalhead,

-John, aka ProtoChaud.

1NWOBHM/Early Metal styled, not Death, Black, or -core.

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Welcome to EB! A few years ago I used to play guitar in a Metal Band. We used to cover everything from Nirvana to Metallica to Sepultura to Children of Bodom. Even some punk and rock. Our own songs were in the style, something like Machine Head :grin:

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