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Commodore Ariel Brickson

Starting with the avatar

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Well, while I fit the last details of my 12-guns brig (HMS Defiant) like the sails (a bit important part of a sailing ship...), I prepared an special photo to be my avatar when I can put it.

It's a simple composition with my main character (it suppose to represent myself as commodore) and two redcoats.

Here you have it to see it well; I hope you like it...


And don't confound yourselves; even if my uniform is blue, I'm a redcoat fan :innocent2: .

Soon I will present the ship; with or without sails...

Friendly from Sapin,

Commodore Ariel.

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That can be usefull, its a perfect disguise.... Err, I mean distraction. pirate_laugh2.gif Forget what I just said, didnt say anything! pirate_satisfied.gif

Welcome to Eurobricks Commodore, great to have you onboard of our forums. May I ask about that union jack on the background, where is that from? Or is it just made from paper or something? It fits perfectly onto your avatar.

Kindly: Captain Becker

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Thanks for comments :pir-grin: .

@Captain Becker:

The Union Jack it's from... Playmobil; I'm also fan of Playmobil (long story between Lego and Playmobil, when both toys atracted me with divers themes, but I only can buy in special or lucky moments and Lego cancelled the Pirates theme (the only one that I like it) when I have those moments, so Lego lost the opportunity and now I'm waiting a new theme, now that I achieve build ships...meanwhile, I have an impressive Playmobil collection (impressive for my adquisition capacity being poor, but it's other long story with my mental configuration as Aspie)).

@Captain Golden Hook:

Nice ship, and nice officer also, I ever dream with have this minifig... (and the Imperial Flagship :head_back: ).

Even if I'm redcoat fan; I also have a few american rebels (as bluecoats), and a buch of pirates (the few that survive my military cam to gave sailors to my ship).


Commodore Ariel.

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