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MOC: Baddie Drone & a face with a mustache

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So a while ago( what was it, last year?) I had an idea, before the "Breakout" episode came out and the idea of a 'Villain Factory' wasn't so talked about in Hero Factory, I decided to build a drone 'prototype' for some bad guy army. Basically just wanted to use the canister-thing in the Nitroblast set as a helmet. It worked.. sort of.. and I went from there.

Used some older 'Bionicle' parts on there as you can tell. The Skrall blade for an antennae, the Whenua Metru masks for the shoulder-pads(wish I'd done that better), and the Barraki feet. Mantax I think?

I added the Hero Cuffs on later, once I'd gotten a hold of a Breakout set that included them. I think they were from Rocka's set. Man that was cool. :thumbup:

It's been nearly a year since these were taken, but I wanted to share my creations anyway.

Now that the computer is deciding to behave itself.. here they are!

(I've resized the pics and for some reason they still keep coming out too big. Apologies in advance)





Alongside Hero "Citrus"


Using Citrus' cuffs against her


I had a photo of "Citrus" on the ground after, but sadly it has been lost.

And "Citrus" was your average Hero build with a foot on the back. Nothing special, but one of my favorites for some reason.

Later, like December later, after "Breakout" had been released, I decided to get a little creative with my pieces. I looked at the Super Hero add-on part and thought 'hmm, what can I do with this?'

So I did this:


I hope I haven't posted this already! It's just a face with a mustache. And bling.

Hope you enjoy, hopefully I'll have some new things to share(or new photos of new MOCs to share) very soon :)

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Thank you!

It looks so much better in person, trust me.

Or looked, rather. It's taken apart now!

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