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I've been wondering about pull-back motors.

Where can I look about how long each one last or like their torque power?

Else if someone has some and can give me tips about which ones are stronger/better/faster?

Like the one which last a bit with a somehow good torque. And please no huge one x)

Smaller is better, but medium is fine.

I have some kind of project with them :P More as I advance in it ^^!

Thanks for any infos you might have!

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Disclaimer: Even though I used pullback in my entry, I can't say I'm an expert in the topic. Maybe I could have use them better with more time to experiment. Due to the part and space limit, I didn't experiment with using two or more pullbacks in the same model.

And I only know the newest ones.

What is the project you have in mind?

According to my experience, Pull-back motors are only capable to drive very simple cars (like pullback racers) and very simple mechanisms (like a clock escapement-timer thingy) and the pullbacks can't really lift weigh.

The biggest problem is the small and limited energy you can put in the motor, and it's pretty much only enough to accelerate a small car. After the acceleration, the car is driven by inertia.

My models can only work for a few seconds, the the crab can only move on smooth surfaces and for short distances The caterpillar can only move on smooth surfaces, but it can gain inertia pretty well so can travel pretty long distances.. Both of them can be driven with an M motor effortlessly on any surfaces without any gearing down, so you have a hint how limited is the use of the pullback motors.

Depending on what you want to build, you can use multiple pullbacks, but don't expect too much of this either.

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Looks strong enough to run your caterpillar so it might be powerfull enough for my small project.

I'll try to get a set and test it :P! Thanks ^^!

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