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Wyndor's Saga Part 2

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To see Part 1 of Wyndor's saga, go HERE.


When Wyndor woke up he couldn’t remember what had happened. His first thoughts were “Why am I under a tree?” And then: “I am in great need of food.” As he looked around he didn’t recognize any of his surroundings. Then the incident with the ice dragon and the elemental monster came back to him all of a sudden.

“I must have been thrown here and lost consciousness.” He thought. Judging by how loudly his stomach was complaining he figured he must have been unconscious for about three days.


He slowly got to his feet and looked down on the water he was next to. He judged that he must be somewhere along the Bay of Storms. He sat down on a tree root and tried to decide what he could do next. A moment later he heard the strains of a boating song:

“To the Sea, to the Sea! The white gulls are crying,

The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying.”


A barge came into view as the sailors finished singing “foam is flying.” The song continued as two sailors moved back and forth across the ship wielding armed boat poles. This particular style of boat pole was very popular among Mitgardians for it allowed them to move their boat as well as defend themselves if the need arouse. The barge was on its way from Pikesteel Mountain loaded with ore and gems from the Dwarf mines. Judging by how low the barge sank in the water it had good need of defense from would-be pirates.


“Ho there!” Wyndor called catching the attention of the boat captain. The captain maneuvered the boat as close to the cliff as he dared and tossed a rope to Wyndor. As he climbed aboard the two steersmen barred his way with their boat poles.

“Thank you kindly for your assistance good sirs. As you can see I am without defense and you need not worry about my trying to steal your wealth.” Wyndor said.

“We don’t often get hailed by travelers from the shore line unless they be pirates.” The captain replied. “Forgive our mistrust but one can never be without caution, especially these days.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Haven’t you heard or been affected by the elementals?”

“Mishaps, though you should tell me everything you know.”

The steersmen continued to pole the barge down the bay as Wyndor and the captain exchanged tales.


Pjeter, one of the steersmen from the barge, escorted Wyndor to the city gates of Northridge after they landed and unloaded the cargo. Wyndor had helped them unload as thanks for transporting him from his stranded location.

“I cannot thank you enough for your help Pjeter. Now that I’m here I can make it on my own. I’ll stop by the Notary’s Office first and retrieve some gold from my family’s bank. Then I must needs find some armor and maybe a weapon. If I can ever help you or any of your crew it would be my honor to do so."

"That is very kind of you laddie. I wish you safety in the dangerous days ahead of us." With that, Pjeter bid Wyndor farewell.


As Wyndor went about his tasks he heard of many people suffering from the onslaught of the elemental monsters. These various tales included a few involving an ice dragon from the north and a group of five travelers. Each time he heard of this story, Wyndor explained his situation and asked for as many details as the person could recall. It seemed that the village elder was the only person besides Wyndor who had been found after the attack. He had made his way back to his village fearing the worst for the four brothers. Wyndor also heard more details that made his heart ache. After a couple of hours Wyndor had written a letter to his father saying thus:

"Father, I regret to have to tell you this in writing instead of in person. Neither I nor any or your sons will be returning home to you any time soon. By the time this letter reaches you, you will have at least heard of (though I hope not been affected by) the elemental monsters plaguing our land. Myself, Natolyth, and Chalin were with Tagaler during his final right-of-passage when we were beset by one of these monsters. I will have to tell you my experience in this in more detail later, but what is important is that we all ended up separated. Here is where the tragedy begins for our family. It is told me that Tagaler's body was found not far from where his right-of-passage took place. I was not there so i cannot confirm this story, but I have no reason to doubt it either. I also do not know where Natolyth or Chalin have ended up. I have heard a rumor that slave traders and other nefarious creatures have been seen in this area recently and I feel compelled to follow up on one rumor in particular that may lead me to one of them. I hope to find both of them soon and that we will be able to return home to you. Then we can all mourn Tagaler together. Take heart Father, I will not fail to return your other sons to you."

To Be Continued...

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