(Moc)-Christmas Snow Globe

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Today I'll show you a fast Moc I made in theme with Christmas.

The typical snow globe with a mountain landscape ...

The idea came to me while I was looking for a windscreen inside the box where I stored them all. I take this dome in hand, while trying to remember which set it came from, maybe the flying saucer of Alien Conquest?

In any case, I asked myself: "And this? When will I ever use it?"

In the evening, I opened LDD and I had a clear idea.

The result of a good half hour of work and 10 minutes of construction is what you see.

It is not definitive, because I need a couple of things that I have already ordered, but that's the idea ...


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Actually I've made some "minor" adjustment... :D

While waiting for some pieces to reach my house, here is the LDD Model...

Enjoy it.


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