Lately I have noticed a number of "senior citizen" aged AFOL's. In the USA, AARP (American Association for Retired People) defines a "senior citizen" as over 50. On Eurobricks it seems to me that the majority of AFOL's are between 20 to at most 40 maybe mostly 30-something. Some younger, some older. I have also noticed a number who (like me) seem a little older, maybe 50-70. Eurobricks has a title/badge to recognize our ladies, how about some recognition for us seniors? If you' re "older than dirt" stand up and tell us who you are. I'll go first... Hi, I'm Andy and I'm older than dirt! (68, much dirt here!) And I still enjoy building with LEGO! There I've said it, I feel better, whew, big load off my shoulders. Andy D