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Hello! My name is minitrue11...

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....actually it's Larry.

I got my first Lego set when I was 15. Twenty-two years later, and I'm still going strong.

I collect most of the official Lego lines and I've slowly been creeping into Kreo (but those blocks do not get mixed in.)

I do a lot of MOC work. Large dioramas, mosaics and Mindstorms devices. Mostly, I do brick films.

That started in 2003. I have a youtube channel and website where my work is featured. I have won a couple film contests in the past.

My wife is just as much into Lego as I am. She is the creator and editor of the new family-oriented brick fan magazine, The Brick Collectors.

Our son and daughter practically live in our Lego room. They are constantly building wonderful projects, and undermining our organizational efforts...

Anyway, I like the variety of topics being discussed on Eurobricks and the friendly atmosphere of the site. I look forward to becoming a member of this community.

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