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The Cannonball

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Hello together,

when I was a child I loved the Lego Pirates audio dramas. I got all from my parents. A few weeks ago me and my wife bought a house an I had to work there for month. At this time I heard the cassettes again while paperhanging. While I did that I remembered that I always want to build the "cannonball" the flagship of Governor Broadside. Now I am able to do that.

My attention was to build a ship like the Car. Clipper in big :). The ship should have all attributes of the car. clipper but more powerful than the imp. flagship.

I hope you like my ship.


The sets in the background are not part of my moc :) I have only to low space in my Lego room.

11155964215_ef4079eae0_h.jpgTwo cannons at the front of the "cannonball", the ship need this two because of its main function: pirate hunter


11156184584_71b3978f11_h.jpgHere at the left is a little prision, it can only be reached from the top. It can also be used as a stock.







The ship has overall 16 cannons.

11155989365_214547f90d_h.jpgThe "cannonball" can open the roof.


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Thank you very much. I worked on it for a week, but only 2 hours a day. I knew what I want to do, therefore I bought 2 Car. Clippers before starting this. Therefore I had many bricks I needed on my table and must not search so often in my boxes :).

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Thanks a lot.

Refering to your question:

You must deeplink your pictures. There is a little help somewhere in this forum, where you can learn how to do that with Flickr.

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Thanks. Now I work on the next project, to build a big diorama of all imperial sets that ever released. :)

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