3-in-1 Creator Mini Sets

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Hi guys,

I'm going to collect all 3-in-1 Creator Mini sets, the ones contained in that small plastic box.


AFAIK the sets are 16.

  • 4837-1 Mini Trains
  • 4838-1 Mini Vehicles
  • 4915-1 Mini Construction
  • 4916-1 Mini Animals
  • 4917-1 Mini Robots
  • 4918-1 Mini Flyers
  • 5761-1 Mini Digger
  • 5762-1 Mini Plane
  • 5864-1 Mini Helicopter
  • 5865-1 Mini Dumper
  • 6741-1 Mini Jet
  • 6742-1 Mini Off-Roader
  • 6910-1 Mini Sports Car
  • 6911-1 Mini Fire Truck
  • 31000-1 Mini Speeder
  • 31001-1 Mini Skyflyer

Did I forget any sets?


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That list seems pretty comprehensive. As far as I can tell, they've released 2 of these sets every year since 2008 and 4 in 2007. So, like you say, 16 in total.

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As a dedicated collector of all things Creator and Mini, I see you have the full list there. There will be three more mini sets in the first wave of 2014, but it looks like they won't be in canisters.

Good luck collecting these nice things - after that, there are 13 X-Pods to collect (unless you are fortunate enough to have them already).

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