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[MOC] Ionic column

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If you have a good memory, you may remember the Corinthian column I made some time ago. I got a lot of good comments on that one (thank you!), and I wanted to build some more... stuff :look: . I wanted to revisit that magnificent Ancient Greece, with it's buildings. I wanted to give those ruined pieces of art their former glory again. I wanted to build... some more columns. Real Greek ones, this time. Not that modern Roman stuff.

If you have a perfect memory, you may remember that I said the Ionic column was hard to do because of its spirals (volutes, if you prefer fancy terms). I did have a go at designing one however, but I began to think the spirals were impossible to do :angry:. And if you don't get those right, your column is not right. You can take that quite literally. I made a compromise on the volutes, but had to fight all kinds of structural blabla :sick: .


*oh2* If you have a good eyesight, you may have noticed that I'm presenting now an Ionic column nontheless. What happened? Some would call it a miracle, some just inspiration. I found the Indiana Jones whip. It was just perfect. The size, the shape, the extra details, the easy connections, the look and feel. I felt this whip was made for something more than being in every Indiana Jones set. It became my new best friend. :wub:


Once I had my spiral (the only spirally part in LEGO, I believe), the column flowed onto my LDD screen (and a bit later, on my render screen). At once, all the structural hustle and bustle fell away. At almost the first try, I had something I was completely happy with. A worthy sibling of my Corinthian column.


And that's what you see in front of you. Before anyone asks: the column should be buildable in real life. I know the whips aren't available in white, but everything else apart form the One Rings I used, is available in white (now even the croissant!). Furthermore, I believe the column's quite stable. It uses the same technique that I learned from Jamie, in the designer video on the LEGO Creator website :blush: . This is my tribute to that video, because it made me want to make columns five years ago. I've come a long way...


So I hope you enjoy this Ionic column in minifig scale, containing 254 bricks. And I looked it up for you: this is the first one in LEGO to appear on the internet. Hope you appreciate it.

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Nice! I can just imagine everyone reaching for the croissant as they walk by. :wink:

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. Glad you liked yet another column of me.

Nicely done. If only the whip was available in more colours than Brown...

Yes, I know. I cheated a little. Besides the whips, the gear at the bottom isn't available as well... but that isn't the main problem here.

And to give you an idea of how it could look in real life with brown whips, I made this picture:


Mmmm... chocolate... and internal structures!

Nice! I can just imagine everyone reaching for the croissant as they walk by. :wink:

This comment made my day. Glad you like that piece. I think it's really fitting, with the appropriate curve and details. And now I start thinking about croissants... with chocolate... :drool: I should really watch my wheight... :tongue:

Didn't know the croissant was available in white. Looking forwards to seeing your pictures of these columns in LEGO.

Croissants with powder sugar? Maybe that's going a bit too far :wink: . But yes, this part comes in white in the Parisian Restaurant. Actually, it was this set that probably gave me the idea to use that part. I'm such a copy cat :devil: .

Thanks again for liking this! Are there any columns you guys want to see next?

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