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[TRIPLE] The Sod Farm

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I present my entry to the Eurobricks Technic Triple challenge. We are off to the sod farm.

Ever wondered how they grew such nice grass on your local golf course or the town square? They probably ordered sod and used machines just like these.


The MAN TGS has working doors, steering, and a three part crane.

The JCB 150t has working tracks, lifting and tilting forks.

The Brouwer 1576 has a working 2 cylinder motor and working steering. The harvesting arm features a high speed cutting blade, and a timed blade that cuts the sod pieces to length, and a conveyor to move the sod up to the back pallet. Finally, the pallet holder can be dropped to let the full sod pallet off the back.

Read much more at

<iframe width="640" height="390" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>






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Nice models. They look clean and are easily recognizable. The forklift seems a bit small though.

Nevertheless, it are nice models. Good job! :thumbup::classic:

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Nice one.

Skidsteer could be 10% larger, but its ok.

I would remove middle 16t gear in its tracks. JCB skidsteers have 3 main sprockets and few small rollers.

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