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Spoiled Milk Massacre (The Shining inspired Grady-twins)

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^ This is the other scenery in my modified haunted house that was inspired by the fantastic Kubric movie The Shining, the bloody bathroomscene being the first. Let me introduce to you the Grady Twins... These peculiar identical twins appear out of nowere at the end of the hotel hallway and ask Danny to 'come and play with us'... Short flashes of a bloody massacre surrounding them make shure you'll never ever forget...

But in my scenery I added a little humor. Instead of blood, the creepy twins created a milk-massacre...

Hope you'll like my moc. :classic:

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Thanks for checking out! I had a grin from ear to ear when I got this idea for the spilled milk. I just HAD to do something with that milk-brick.

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