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:jollyroger: Cannon MOCs Index :jollyroger:

What is this index for?

The Canon MOCs is for all the completed cannons in the Pirates MOCs forum.

How is this indexed?

The Cannon MOCs is sorted by cannon type.

Most pictures are linked to the Eurobricks discussion topic, but some of the earlier ones aren't. To find the discussion topics for these, please follow these simple instructions:

- Click on a thumbnail to go to the Brickshelf gallery.

- Copy the numbers at the end of the URL of the Brickshelf gallery.

- Click here to go to the search engine of Eurobricks for the Pirates MOC forum.

- Paste the numbers in the "Search by Keywords"-field and click on "Perform the search".

Anyway you can help?

You can help by giving suggestions and informing us about items that have not been indexed. You can ask questions, give suggestions, and inform us about items that have not been indexed in the discussion topic.

To what extent is this updated?

This index is updated on a regular basis. All of the LEGO ships in the Pirates MOCs forum should be in here, save for very new ones which are waiting for the staff to index them.

If you object (or wish to discuss) to the way the calibers of the cannons are labeled,

then check out these threads to discuss the matter:

Lego Cannons,

Caliber of Lego Cannons

Here are some other threads where lego cannons are discussed:

Custom Cannons

Let them taste the triple guns�How?

Cannons vs. Carronades

The Index

Swivel Guns

1. th_cannon.jpg th_blurrycannon.jpg th_pic_0274.jpg th_dscf0092jpg_thumb.jpg

2. th_image011.jpg th_swivel_gun.jpg th_image008.jpg th_legeauxswiveljpg_thumb.jpg

3. th_dscf0068.jpg th_orient09.jpg th_image009.jpgkanon5.png

4. Swivel2.png Swivel1.png

9 - 12 Pound Cannons

1. th_cutter3.jpg th_twelve1.jpg th_dsc01803.jpg th_9-26-06_081.jpg

2. th_picture_063.jpg th_lilcannon.jpg th_lcadsmallcannon.jpg th_cannon11.jpg

3. pic_0269.jpg_thumb.jpg cannon1.jpg_thumb.jpg p1030790.jpg_thumb.jpg cannonsmall11.jpg_thumb.jpg p1000028.jpg_thumb.jpg

4. legeaux.cannon.jpg_thumb.jpg lddscreenshot11.png_thumb.jpg image027.jpg_thumb.jpg

5. 1307284556_7c5b2a6af9_s.jpg actual_gun_la_renommee.jpg_thumb.jpg initial_design.jpg_thumb.jpg cannon.jpg_thumb.jpg bh109128.jpg_thumb.jpg

6. 12lb_00.jpg_thumb.jpg12lb_03.jpg_thumb.jpg30lb_parrott_00.jpg_thumb.jpgcarronade_00.jpg_thumb.jpgcarronade_01.jpg_thumb.jpg

7. mt_howitzer_00.jpg_thumb.jpg howitzer-section-02.jpg_thumb.jpg marine-artillery-04.jpg_thumb.jpg corvette-richelia-07.jpg_thumb.jpg

8. th_cannon1.jpg th_09.jpg th_covenant10.jpg

9. th_cannon.jpg th_new_lego_1_017.jpg th_dscn4131.jpg th_2900847161_6456800f18_o.jpg

10. th_2933153392_9f552c0fa0.jpg th_1224210383m_SPLASH.jpg th_ship_accessoires007.jpg th_FILE0193.jpg

11. th_33cxhqv.jpg th_Schermafbeelding2009-08-30om190059.png th_3951192613_55855db04e.jpg th_4226199200_c7d6db66a8.jpg

12. kannon1.png kanon2.png kanon3.png kanon6.png

13. kanon7.png kanon8.png

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18 - 24 Pound Cannons

1. dsc01028.jpg_thumb.jpg regcannon.jpg_thumb.jpg shortage_of_wheels.jpg_thumb.jpg cannon_pic_2.jpg_thumb.jpg pic1.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. th_untitled2.png th_cannon.jpg th_3214127016_ff15460b8b.jpg th_3324960839_1683153df2.jpg

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Index: MOC Cannons (continued)

32 - 36 Pound Cannons

1. post-10-1130429914.jpg_thumb.jpg 32pounder.jpg_thumb.jpg p1030791.jpg_thumb.jpg lddscreenshot5.png_thumb.jpg p1030791.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. th_ship.2.jpg biggun.jpg_thumb.jpg th_09-08-08_0000nr2.jpg th_10-08-08_2204nr2.jpg


1. carronade1.jpg_thumb.jpg biggun.jpg_thumb.jpg lcadcarronad.jpg_thumb.jpg pic_0267.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. pic_0301.jpg_thumb.jpg carronade.jpg_thumb.jpgcarronade_carriage.jpg_thumb.jpg carronade.jpg_thumb.jpg p1030789.jpg_thumb.jpg

3. lego_concept_cannon_6.jpg_thumb.jpg carronaderegularsteeringwheel2.jpg_thumb.jpgcarronaderegularshort.jpg_thumb.jpg ussc.carronade.jpg_thumb.jpg carronadevig3.png_thumb.jpg

4. kanon4.png Carronade.png

Other Cannons or Groups of Cannons

1. cannon0.jpg_thumb.jpg cannon1.jpg_thumb.jpg mortormoving.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. hpim0589.jpg_thumb.jpg pic_0309.jpg_thumb.jpg pic_0260.jpg_thumb.jpg carronade1.jpg_thumb.jpg the_flying_dutchman_tripod_cannon012.jpg_thumb.jpg

3. pic_0318.jpg_thumb.jpg triplegunfront.jpg_thumb.jpg 10.jpg_thumb.jpg blo02.jpg_thumb.jpg 200lb_parrott_01.jpg_thumb.jpg

4. th_tsar_cannon2.gif th_2780056810_7c0b553e7f.jpg th_cannon1.jpg th_24ew8lt.jpg

Other Cannon Related MOCs

1. cannonballs.jpg_thumb.jpg organgun.jpg_thumb.jpg caisson_01.jpg_thumb.jpg limber_00.jpg_thumb.jpg howitzer-section-06.jpg_thumb.jpg

2. marine-artillery-05.jpg_thumb.jpg marine-artillery-06.jpg_thumb.jpg th_2985215355_09b965383b.jpg th_3985384934_dcb8d3a02c.jpg

3. IR.png Recoil.png britishmortars_feb2014_1_zps9a404640.jpg

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