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A Tragic Beginning

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I, Wyndor, will tell you my story.

It all began when my youngest brother finished his year with the clans as his right of passage to manhood. We called him Tagaler since he used to always follow us everywhere. He would get to choose his own name after he finished his right of passage. He and another boy from Vaholl had made it on their own for a year in the north as is the custom of our people. My father, Graham, left him in the care of one of the Great Elk clans in a village north-west of Teridyan. My brothers and I traveled to the clan to celebrate Tagaler's success and his passing to manhood.

The roads were safe to travel at this time for Victor Revolword had not yet begun his reign of terror. Little did we know, he was nearing his first goal: possesion of Helm of the Druid Priest.

When we arrived we heard that an ice-dragon had been spotted by Tagaler during his year amongst the clan. This gave Tagaler a rare opportunity. If he could, in view of the village elder, slay the dragon, he would have special honors and privileged amongst the clans for as long as he lived. Not being one to allow such an opportunity to pass Tagaler agreed wholeheartedly to take on the dragon. Myself, and my two brothers were allowed to accompany Tagaler to ensure his safety. We were allowed to take special spears the clansmen used for events such as this as our only weapons. They were designed to drive the dragon away if danger was near, but would not allow us to cause the dragon any harm. Only Tagaler would be allowed to harm and kill the dragon. We did not doubt that he possessed the ability to win against the ice-dragon and left with much anticipation.


Tagaler performed splendidly. He ran to and fro amongst the snow and the dragon chased him. Whenever the dragon came to close to us we drove him away with our spears. Once or twice the dragon made as if to fly and try to strike from the air, but Tagaler had learned well from his time on his own and he ran towards the dragon presenting too easy of a target for the dragon to want to fly. The chase would begin anew those times, but not before Tagaler managed to stab the dragon's wings multiple times. Eventually the dragon made a stand by a frozen stream and Tagaler went to face him. We could tell this was the end of the fight. Both parties were tired and could not keep up the battle much longer.


At that moment Victor unleashed elemental monsters across Historica. One of them sprung from the frozen river and created a whirlwind of ice, water, and snow.


Through squinted eyes I could see every member of our party being blown in different directions. What happened next I do not know for I woke up much later and much farther away. We would never find out if Tagaler would have slain the ice-dragon. In fact, there are many things I'm sure I'll never find out.


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Nice landscaping! And the tail of the dragon is really nice as well :classic:

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Excellent story and I like the ice dragon :thumbup: I think his wings look a little blocky though :classic:

They are a little blocky. I have a limited selection of white plates so I tried to make do. I was pretty set on using plates because I wanted that effect, but the overall build does suffer because of it.

Sweet dragon! I'm workingon one too. :wink:

That's a sweet looking dragon so far! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Nice landscaping! And the tail of the dragon is really nice as well :classic:

Thanks for noticing!

i love tagaler fig xd. small figs with big weapons are always awesome :grin:

If I may match your compliment with one: I love your use of Exo-Force heads for your minifigures.

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