Hill technique (BAG ENG roof)

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I'm working on the Bag End of the Hobbit. It's a hugh building with all rooms and lots of details the only thing what is missing is the hill underneath and on top of the hobbit hole.

Could some one give me some tips for techniques how to build a smooth hill?

After I finished with my building I'll share my building on Flickr and ,of cause, here ;)

Hope you can give me a hand!

Best regards Lego-Freak

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My idea is that you use plates as longer slopes , fill the corners up with some bricks of sorts... I was thinking of something like that in y own layout.

Brickbuild slopes arn't that great and give me the idea of a pyramid.

Just get some 1x2 with hole, and some pins to fasten it, and of you go.

Good Luck !

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