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CoWLUG Display: Laramie Train Depot Open House 2013

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My home LUG - CoWLUG, the Colorado-Wyoming Lego User's Group - was asked to put up a display at the Laramie Train Depot Open House two weeks ago. Our setup took two and a half hours, and we ran the show more or less all day over the course of the weekend.

Stuart of was this show's organizer. He hacked together some PF IR receivers and a couple of barrel connectors as an experiment. What we ended up with was an awesome fully remote-controlled layout for both 9v and PF trains. This allowed us to not have to take shifts in the center "pit" where all the regulator gubbins were at. In addition, we also had interactive arcade buttons set up that allowed the visitors to control various functions in the layout. This was also the button's first outing and we plan to have more functions at the next display. This year, one button controlled the track power for the elevated Chicago-style trains, another controlled the pumpjack on top of the Steampunk district, and the third controlled the steam plant for "Peter Piper's Pickled Peppers Plant". The buttons also helped keep the kids from glomming onto the trains as they went by.

Of course, now you'll want images I suppose. *sigh* ok


Cows are indeed a running theme, considering how the name is "CoWLUG".


Hide yo' kids and hide yo' cows.


Grumpy Thor is grumpy. Lego displays = srs bsns (CoWLUG displays =/= srs bsns, however).


This is where the real fun happens. I feel my camera car is especially graceful. Just look at that low profile!


Did I mention Stuart also had a CNC and engraved bricks for a while? It broke though and he hasn't gotten it working again yet.


So there is a use for those Dino Attack pieces, at least. I still think the squid in the lower middle is the best bit of this picture.

Among other things not pictured, there was a Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. skyscraper (from the show Phineas and Ferb of the Disney Channel) and a prison complete with prison riot. There were guards dual-wielding bananas in one hand and tommy guns in the other. Ostriches were involved.

Well, that should about wrap it up. Feel free to ask questions!

Edit: D'oh, I forgot - I'll be posting my custom trains that I built for this event in their own thread. Look forward to that, I know I will :grin:

Edit2: Oh snap, I forgot another thing. My mom took the pictures, which is why they're so good. Thanks Mom!

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Cool, thanks for posting, Phoxtane. Lots of nice details, looks like a fun time was had by all.

Also, great venue for the show, the room sets off the layout.

:classic: :classic:

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Wow awesome layout. I love all the details and the cows :laugh: I love the video too!

Hope your event went well and happy building :laugh:

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