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RTD(FH)- Into the Darkness

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As soon as we were notified of the BotS's attempt to poison the water, we quickly dispatched one of our mages to put down any BotS mercenaries that were traveling through the sewer. We only sent one mage, as not to draw attention to the sewers. You'll find that our magic users are equally as ruthless as our samurai and shinobi. Knowing him, he'll probably attempt to eliminate anyone and bury them in the sewer. Do not worry my friends, they will never make it close enough to poison the water.


Additional Pictures





Task 5 for Raising the Dead: Family Heirloom

Sorry to say it, but I don't think I'll be able to keep up with any remaining tasks. After all, Challenge I is now up!


I hope you enjoyed the MOC.

As usual...

C&C is always welcome and appreciated!!!


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Great magic effect, I especially love the first picture :classic:

Edited by Gideon

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The shot composition in the first and last pictures is wonderful, and I especially like the blurred flames in the first one; it creates a very convincing approximation of real fire. Your work with the manipulated sewer water is great as well, although the walls feel awfully fancy for a sewer system. Great work.

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