Model Expo Italy 2014 - Verona

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On the 8th-9th of March, in Verona, the Model Expo Italy 2014 will take place; it's an important international exhibition of both static and dynamic model-making.

The last year the organization of the fair allowed LEGO bricks to participate, with a test exposition that CLV (the FOL group of Verona) successfully passed, thanks also to other italian AFOL that helped us during the event, with MOCs, sets and their presence.

The organization judged that the quality of the showed material was in line with the spirit of the fair, and this year gave us lots of space.

We of CLV want to make up something great, and so we need help from all italian AFOLs with their LUGs, groups and associations! :classic:

The idea is to divide the space into these subthemes:

- city diorama with buildings, parks, roads, railroad, harbour, rural zone and a big logistic center

- technic exposition

- star wars exposition

- dynamic zone

- vintage city zone

- vintage castle zone

- classic space zone

- various-other-LEGO-stuff zone :D

We don't know opening hours with precision yet; in 2013 they were: friday - set up; saturday - open to visitors from 9 AM to 6 PM; sunday - open to visitors from 9 AM to 6 PM and then dismantling time from 6 PM till we finish. :wink:

Further info will arrive!

For more details:



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