Hobbit Mosaic

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The first weekend in November each year the cinemas in Norway arrange an event called "The Great Cinema Day". This day is packed with movies and tickets with 50% discount. My local cinema in Fredrikstad asked me earlier this year if we in the Norwegian LUG Brikkelauget wanted to participate.

We started to think and ended up with the idea of a Lego mosaic with a movie theme. After a while this ended up with a 14x7 baseplate mosaic from the first Hobbit movie. Instructions was made for each baseplate along with sorted parts.

The event was held on Saturday and was a big success!

Here's an image of the completed mosaic, and I have created a Flickr-set with more pictures for those interested.


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The scale is impressive. Very detailed. Mosaics look great, but they take up so many pieces/room that it isn't conceivable for me to build one.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you very much. The mosaic was made with Photobricks for Mac so I need to send a big thank you to the Photobricks Team.

The cinema paid for the parts and will use the mosaic in the promotion of both the Hobbit movie and for the new Lego movie!

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