MOC: Monster Steam Boat Party

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This is a creation originally built for the Monster Bash contest, but it couldn't be entered because it's on a 12x20 base (which must have been 16x16 to be entered). To stand out, I decided to locate my monster fighters and monsters party on a boat. It's supposed to be a steamboat, as Monster Fighters has a mildly steampunk theme.

I never got around to getting a Monster Fighters set before, so I didn't have the minifigures that would be really helpful for the theme. So I went out to buy the 3 smallest Monster Fighters sets, to find out that they were on sale at the Lego Store :grin: , because the line is getting discontinued :cry_sad: .


The monster fighters have agreed with the monsters that they are no longer enemies. They go out on a steam boat one evening to have a party in the centre of a lake.


The fireplace is normally used to boil water to run the steam engine, but the witch has found it useful for cooking. (Sorry. You can barely see the pot in the witch's hand.)


Three monster fighters (Ann, Jack, & Rodney) and a swamp monster enjoy swimming in the lake in the evening. The swamp monster hunts fish for the group to eat (shown handing one over to Frank). The mummie jumps in to join them, which is probably not such a great idea for what he is.


A ghost is chained to the roof to light the dark path when the boat is driven.


The water wheel is stopped, so the zombie stands there to drink his wine.

Fun fact: Unlike how they're typically portrayed in fiction, zombies are generally not more dangerous or aggressive than the people that they were before they died. However, the way that they are often shown in film resembles their actual behaviour when drunk.

In case if your interested in seeing this again, you can see the page on MOCpages.

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Very nice fun MOC.! Great for Halloween. I guess the safest thing to do is to not only stay away from drunk zombies, but drunks at sporting events and on steamboats.

Thanks for the fun fact about about drunk zombies ;);)

Andy D

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Nice to find that people liked the waterwheel more than I thought they would. It's actually incomplete (rotationally asymmetrical), because I didn't find all the right Technic beams.

Nice MOC, thanks for the fact, I'll make sure I'll stay clear of any drunk Zombies..!

Your welcome.

My parents used to have a friend who was a zombie. He lived quite normally, just went to work as a dentist every day as before (with some patients questioning his teeth). He was a pretty nice calm guy. Well, except for that time when we had to end a house party early when he drank the wrong apple juice.

I'm getting too silly now, but I'll have an idea for a MOC when I have nothing better in the way.

Is Ann Lee topless?

I think so, as are the other minifigures swimming in the lake. This model takes place in a world of equality between men, women, and monsters.

I might add 2 more photos later which I forgot to take. I was going to post one of the boat without the minifigures, and one of the guy at the back.

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