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SpacySmoke's Halloween MOCs

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Discussion topic for my Action Themes Halloween contest entries.

The Monster's Lair (built for the Creature's Lair contest)


The Monster's Lair by mista_carrot, on Flickr

When I think of a classic creature's lair, I immediately think of Dr. Frankenstein's lab. I didn't just want to do the typical tesla coils and lightning bolts (not that there's anything wrong with that), so I turned to my other hobby as a source for inspiration: video games. More specifically, Capcom's Darkstalkers, which is a fighting game with classic monsters as the characters. If you're into classic monsters then it's a fun game with some cool takes on their stories. Anyway, this MOC takes a lot of details from Victor's (the Frankenstein Monster of the game) stage: the castle setting with the pillars and arches, the tiled floor, the style of the machinery and the red chair.


The Monster's Lair 3/4 View by mista_carrot, on Flickr


The Monster's Lair Overhead by mista_carrot, on Flickr

I was unsure of how I was going to attach the electricity infusion thingy to the wall. At first I was thinking of some complex technic attachment, but in the end, a simple hinge did the trick.


The Monster's Lair Back View by mista_carrot, on Flickr

Peace Celebration (Monster Bash contest entry)


The picture above is actually of the first version of the entry which did not contain any of the Fighters (except for Major Quinton Steele's head). I didn't read the rules as thoroughly as I should have and just assumed I could make a party with just the Monsters. With that line of thinking, I figured they should be partying over the deaths of the Fighters. The Fighters' weapons are hung on the walls as trophies and the Monsters are drinking and dancing the night away.


Then there's this:


Which is Steele's head mounted on the wall. Since he is the "big game hunter" type character, I figured it would be fitting for his head to mounted on the wall as the ultimate payback.

After I posted the above photos I reread the rules and learned of my error. Thus the above became the "bad ending" version and I started reworking it to make a "good ending". (Of course, whether it's bad or good depends on your point of view.)

The "good ending" version only needed slight reworking. The story then became that the Fighters give up their weapons (literally giving them up to the Monsters) and the Monsters in turn promise not to harm humans. Adding the Fighters made it better IMO; it makes the party more lively.





Some shots without the figs:



See more photos on my Flickr photostream.

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Wonderful pieces. Such control of colour and design, whilst recognising the whimsical nature of the Monster Fighters line - fantastic! :classic:

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