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The suns have set, and it's getting pretty cold on this godforsaken sandbox. But I shouldn't complain. At least, I'm alive.

I was keeping a close eye to the ground, searching for signs of rebels, the Black Sun, or something else that could threathen our troops (not that that rebel scum could harm us in any way, but better safe than sorry. Besides, I had to make sure our groundtroops wouldn't fall into the pit of some desert monster. Well that was a threat!). I knew we were approaching the rebels, so I was extra focused. At first, I didn't even notice the slight shaking of my TIE. But when it grew worse, and when everything was getting way to dusty, I noticed the sound. The motor of a Star Destroyer couldn't match that sound. It was enormous, and it was all around me. It made my head and my craft spinning.

Black was everything I could see when I regained consciousness. The inflatable cushions had worked, and they had saved my life. Drowsy, I managed to get out of my craft. It wasn't easy, since it lay at an unusual angle and because I had to be careful with all the debries. The suns were just above the horizon, and in their light I could witness the wreckage that once was my TIE Fighter. In the neighbourhood, I could see several Stormtroopers. Some were moving slowly, others didn't move at all. A commander came towards me. I convinced him the TIE was of no use. Obviously, it couldn't fly, and I had a power leak. The transmitter was broken as well. But I offered to stand on guard, because I don't now how to treat the wounded and I do now how to look around. So I ended back on top of my TIE.


[soNE Ep. II] To rob a thief by Bert.VR, on Flickr

And just moments ago, when the suns had set, a Sandcrawler appeared on the horizon. Hurrah! Life! Although it were those filthy Jawas... but they had a vessel capable of crossing this dessert. My mind worked like a mad man. Since a couple of years, the Jawas stayed away from us (this probably had to do with those few worthless Jawas that were killed in pursuit of some droids, I think). So just like our own companions, they must think we're all that. They just here to steal our equipment, but if we act quick enough, we could reverse this.

I hurry of my TIE to inform the commander. He approves of my plan, and everyone still able to hold a gun is being prepared. The Jawas are coming closer, and we are ready. Our ambush isn't very refined, but it'll have to do. Soon, we'll be out of this place, highjacking a Sandcrawler. Soon, those Jawas will shiver and bring us to our companions in one of the mayor cities. Soon, we'll be able to shake this sand out of our suits.

We're about to rob a thief.

For those interested, here is what I saw through my binoculars:


[soNE Ep. II] Sandcrawler close-up by Bert.VR, on Flickr

This is what I didn't want to see... my TIE... broken.


[soNE Ep. II] What a mess! by Bert.VR, on Flickr

And O, In the first shot Tatooine may seem like a beautiful place, but when viewed from a different angle, you can see what kind of mess it is... It does manage to stay upright, however.


[soNE Ep. II] What I don't want you to see by Bert.VR, on Flickr

Extra parts: none, except for the baseplate and the minifig. That's why the colors are terribly of and I had to take (read: render) a picture with contours. It turned out pretty cinematic, I think.

LXF-file: find it here

Thanks again for organizing this wonderful contest! This really got my creative juices going. It was a great contest to have as my first one.

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I really like your forced perspective Sandcrawler and the way you used the Sarlacc cockpits as sanddunes. Did you use LDD for this?

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I really like the story and everything that goes with this.

Thanks! I spent hours thinking what a TIE pilot could mean in that desert. Glad you like it.

I really like your forced perspective Sandcrawler and the way you used the Sarlacc cockpits as sanddunes. Did you use LDD for this?

Nice work fellow Imperial! :classic:

I was wondering the same thing.

The sandcrawler was in fact my first idea, and I'm glad it worked out quite nicely. I think it's recognizable enough. I added a new image of it, so if you want to have a closer look, be my guest.

And yes, I used LDD for this. Than I rendered it with LDD2POV-Ray, and then I did some photo-editing in GIMP. So free programs all the way :sweet: . And since I'm not the best in working with all these programs, I'm really happy with the final picture. The fact that you ask if it is digital at all, means a lot to me. Thanks!

You optimize your build with your digital skills, great job.

Glad you like the little extra bit I added to my scene. I tried not to edit impossible things in however. I just wanted to make a picture that could have been made in real life as well. I hope it's not distracting anyone.

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Although the MOC is like a scenery viewable only from one side, it's a cool idea and some nice parts usage. I do agree it looks better when it's dark darker so the color diferences are not so noticable. The sandcrawler is awesome!

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