My Favorite Movie LEGO/Custom Vehicles - The Dark Knight Tumbler &

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Just received my BTTF DeLorean set and absolutely love it! Along with StickKim's DarkKnight Tumbler design, the Time Machine is by far one of my favorite vehicles in LEGO. The figures are very well done and I like the design of the car (aside from the hood pieces), though I know there is debate by lots on that.

The pics below show TLG Back to the Future set (you can see the Flux Capacitor) with the Marty McFly and Doc Brown figs. Below that, Stickkim's Tumbler and my custom Dark Knight Batman (design copyrighted).

Anyway, wasn't sure what forum this belonged in, as it had both official LEGO sets and a custom designed vehicle and minifigure.

What's your favorite vehicle - custom or TLG??



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Definitely the lego batmobile


It's way better than the newer one, but it's a shame it's so expensive nowadays.

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