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review: 7476 iron predator vs. t-rex

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Hi all, this my next review on the dino attack set 7476 iron predator vs. t-rex. (known as 7297 dino track transport in Europe) oddly, in Europe dino attack is called dino 2010 and the sets have cages and ropes instead of weapons. anyway, onto the review.

set name: iron predator vs. t-rex

set number: 7476

theme: dino attack

piece count: 278

price: $40

date released: 2005

unfortunately i don't have the box, so i'll go right to the instructions.


mine have taken some damage over the years. sorry the picture is blurry here,


A, "random instruction page" that seems customary here.


from left to right we have specs, digger, and viper. specs being my personal favorite. the printing on these guys is great, no back printing however.


The t-rex, this thing is massive. it's over a foot long, (about 30 centimeters for non-US readers.) It might actually be longer than the tank! the eyes and tongue light up as well. some love it, some hate it, but i think it's pretty cool. inaccurate to a real tyrannosaurus, but still cool. note that on the the head there are supposed to be two horns, but i cut them off years ago to make it look like a more like a real t-rex, unfortunately that was before i realized its value. :cry_sad:


The tank. it has a good color scheme, and sturdy construction. the set has a lot of stickers, but most of mine are missing.


front view.


side view, the cannon arm kinda droops down, but i think thats just because the pieces on mine are worn out.


back view.


The interior, the screens and dino displays are some of my favorite bits.


A machine gun is found on the side of the tank, a nice touch and adds play value.


On the other side we have a fold down ladder, a clever little design.


The set all together, nowadays the set is hard to find and expensive. but if you can find one in the $30-45 price range, it's a great set to have on display or for younger kids to play with. it gets a 9/10 from me.

thanks for reading, more reviews hopefully soon!

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It's smaller than in picture, but it looks quite good. I owe the European version and I'm very excited about it.

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