Action Themes Halloween: Creature's Lair Entries

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I give you, the dubiously sane scientist's lair! Mwahahaha :snicker: !


Once he used to be a normal scientist until; the accident that blew out the second floor of his lab. Forced to wear glasses to cover a beauty mark, he swore vengeance upon the scientific community and installed purple mood lighting!


Oh, and he strapped a laser gun to his cat. But that's a different story.


Mwahahaha :laugh: ! For more pictures, go to (

PS: This is one of my first times attaching an image from flickr to a post, so if I messed up the size, let me know and I'll shrink the pictures :blush: Thanks!

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Beware the dark forest. There aren't just leaves, something bigger can fall on your head ...


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As the Vampire enjoys his rest the ghost and the zombie wonder who's making all that noise in their quiet cemetery.



Couple more pictures at

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The mummy's treasure chamber:


On the other side of the wall, adventurers are blocked off by a collapsed tunnel:


Professor: "I wonder what would happen if I were to press this scarab switch."


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Happy Halloween!

This is the Monster's lair.

The design is inspired by one of my favorite fighting games, Darkstalkers/Night Warriors, which is a Street Fighter-esque fighting game but with classic monsters as the characters. If you are familiar with the game, I think you'll see a lot of familiar details from Victor's stage.

Basically, much time has passed, and the scientist has long been dead. The monster still lives though, thanks to his ability to store life energy within his body. He does, on occasion, need to be recharged and does so whenever there is a lightning storm. Every night he goes out and defends the old castle and lab from the vile Monster Fighters who wish to destroy him!

Hope you enjoy it!



See more photos on my Flickr page!

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The White Goddess of Death

"She is the goddess of destruction, the Clawed Hands, the Blood Drinker... And that's one side of her, as it is for any god. If you knew her for thousands of years you'd know she could be all colors. The sky is black at night, but if your eyes were good enough, they could see the different lights of a million stars. Death is part of her because death is part of life." - Martin Cruz Smith, Gypsy in Amber


The White Goddess of Death by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr



More pictures in my flickr page.

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hi, this is my entry:

The Swamp Creature's House

When the Swamp Creature comes home after work, he just wants to relax on the sofa and drink his favourite cocktail, while he's waiting that his wife prepares dinner.




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Swamp Creature's Lair

After a long night of fighting Monster Fighters, Swamp Creature likes to relax in his hot tub with a good drink...


and the latest episode of Legends of Chima on the big screen TV


The complete build:


(I hope instructions count as an official Lego part... :look:)

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Blood Bio-Reactor

Gustav Killian is a living monster. He’s actually death by blood cancer when he was young, but he created a formula from human blood to save his life, his bloody life.

He live, but he’s actually a living zombie, his face pale as corpse, his eyes are red, and he turns old. Now he build a Bio Blood Lab to create another formula to turn him back to his younger body. He build an army of monster to hunt and kill human and experiment with the victim’s blood in his lab.

The Baron of Death, people called him, has a fierce human butcher in his lab, Dorkan skullface.

He also has two assistance in his lab, Dr. Marianne Blooddrinker, specialist in blood tasting, and Dr. Joseph Bloodmixer, specialist in blood mixing.

Nobody escape the deathly lab in one piece once they entered..


Blood Bio-Reactor by dennis qiu, on Flickr


Blood Bio-Reactor 2 by dennis qiu, on Flickr

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Dracula's Bed


Even the great Count got his little arches and pains from always hanging upside down.

And the proof-picture that the build fits on a 16² BP (with little overhang).

Happy Helloween!


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Yeti's Summer Cottage

Tired of his view from the window which is nothing but snow, Yeti decided to spend a part of the year in a more interesting place.


From the producer:

"This portable summer cottage can be put anywhere thanks to the use of solar panels (included).

Three cosy rooms include a bedroom that doubles as a freezer (for all that human meat snacks), a cool living room (satellite dish optional) and a big bathroom - we know how important the grooming of that fur is.


Polar Co. for Yeti - For Every Climate, For Every You.

Available in all shades of yellowed white."

(more of the inside)

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This is NOT YOUR ROOM...


You are staying in the hotel room.

But then you realize .......... this room belongs to someone, or something else .....


Happy Halloween !! :devil:

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In the far far away from the village you'll find this hidden secretly lair

who lives in there ? looks like used Laboratory and rotten smell :sick:


Dr.Frankenstain Secret Lair - 2 by aditayam, on Flickr

lets get inside...we'll see who lives in this Rotten smells laboratory


Dr.Frankenstain Secret Lair - 4 by aditayam, on Flickr

so this is " Dr.Frankenstain SECRET LAIR "

sssssh quit please thiis monster will get angry if they know we here ...


Dr.Frankenstain Secret Lair - 6 by aditayam, on Flickr

see another photo's on my flickr : aditayam

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Is this the end for Doctor Rodney Rathbone...

Captured and hung like a pheasant in the abominable Yeti's lair, this is no way for a gentleman to die, with the stench of death and decay in his nostrils. If only there were some mystical force he could call upon to deliver his trusty rapier into his hand...


Wampa Yeti Cave on flickr

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Rumble in the Jungle

... based on the back-artwork for the album "Go Hunting!" by belgian psychopunk surf rockers Fifty Foot Combo ... the ideal Monstrophonic soundtrack while building this months theme.


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