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Nocturnus Tribes: Ven Thor

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Whenever a revenge seeking Spirit leaves a body back, the left over bones and blood emerges with the defiled earth and evil miasma forming a new body. Those evil beings are known as Ven Tor. Their species is undefined. Ven Tors are fearsome man hunter, since being left without a soul they seek for a new one.

Their bones are able to absorb the souls and traits of their fallen enemies, by doing so they gain new souls wich they share their body with. Contradicting traits neutralize each other or leave the stronger trait overwhelming the weak.

The bones of Ven Tor victims also transform into Ven Tors, which obey to their defeater. Their number is increasing till the leading Ven Tors soul finds peace and turns to the body. By finding his peace also his underlings will find their peace.

It is said, that Ven Tors where crated by the necromantic sorcerer Zaboc, which would explain, why no new Ven Tor leader came to existence since his death. Hunters seek for their bones, which are highly coveted elements used for potions, enchantments and forging and reach high prices. The bodies have to be fabricated fast, because of fast decomposing. Working with there is regarded as inexcusable crime.


20131015_202009 von Eleinad II


20131015_202439 von Eleinad II


20131015_202610 von Eleinad II auf Flickr

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