"Dover Liner" DL- 30.000sw - by DOVER Industries

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Hello , programs, well, it cost but I have already done, hope you like it :

[ b ] " Dover Liner " DL - 30.000sw [ / b ]

THE Dover Liner is an old machine in late 2651 Fradex wars , DOVER industries one of the only nuclear fusion machines that designed this company, but certainly the most powerful of the century, its 30,000 Sawa generator recognizable by its black color in the Tender, contains a device, which uses two opposing crystals to generate a powerful electric field and a portable neutron generator operated by batteries , which needed no fuel or recharging, now only used for freight trensporte safety.






Well it is a tribute to all lovers AFOL as trains and of course the theme that best hits me , SCI - FI , this is a machine that rolls in installments of LEGO ® experiment that took many years of Racers line and called Track System , the truth is not bad , although his height at maximum power .......... x ( ...... derails .

As there are normal ways I have not had to go by any standard , and if , all trains carrying the engine, everything else is RC , the idea in the future is to make a micro management to take detours.

The TRENbrick can see in , in more detail , that if static , as in the picture, but as you who have been in doubt leave you two videos the first test (FAIL) the good in HD ;)

See You ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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Awesome dieselpunk look. The whole thing looks very creative. The fact that it moves just makes it more impressive.

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