Nocturnus Tribes: Drow of the house Baen'und

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Deep down below nocturnus, in the vast caverns, lies the realm of the house Baen'und. From time to time, they send their war parties to get wealth, slaves and glory.




Scout, Archers


Infantry, Officer, Bladedancer, Bladedancer Officer


Priestress of Lloth in war gear


The torsos and faces are made with waterslide decals. The faces are based on original work from: "thepyromaster" (flickr), "redbean" (MCN) and "Capt. 5p8c3" (flickr), the torsos are various official parts recombined. The spider necklace is from redbean on MCN.

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Those are really nice custom figs :thumbup: - and the rock work inside the cave is great! The only thing I would suggest is maybe doing a shot where we can't see the outer part of the build (or cropping one of the images) - it might give the impression of being in the cave as well as lend the viewer to thoughts of a vast underground network, as opposed to actually being able to see where it ends...

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I like it that actual drow start appearing here again, not just as something people talk about :classic:

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