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N-Class A.04 "school carrier"

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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted a moc, so there it is :

As a lot of people saw on flickr, I've been building a ship for the SHIPtember.

So here is my result, a mix between shiptember and novvember, because reason.

I'm bad with photoshop :


"N-Class A.04 "school carrier"

Length : 1.1 km

Weapons : none

Crew : 400 + 500 students.

Propulsion : huge main thruster sufficient for it cruising speed, 4Rocket thrusters for an emergency boost, 2 additionnal thrusters mainly used for agility, afterburner system for all of them. with all of them at full thrust, it can maintain a speed of more than 1km/s for several hours.

Jump drive: internal Jump system, allowing it to jump to a distance of 100 LY max.

Features : 3 docks for cruisers, huge hangar for 5 to 10 frigates, maintenance bay, An agile arm with a claw to recover wrecks.

This carrier is an old class exploration carrier converted into a Flying Academy.

It's the most prestigious academy of the federation and a very expensive one, with only 500 students living there 8 months a year, really exploring the galaxy while studying.

It's equipped with 3 cruiser sizes ship that can dock on it side;

The yellow one is the Transport ship of the school, nicknamed the "Yellow bus". It can carry up to 600 people + supplies.

The blue one is a recon cruiser, unarmed but very hard to detect as it carry a camouflage module and it's equipped with a lot of different sensors.

The red one is a Battle Cruiser, Not a very well armored ship but very fast and agile, and equipped with 4 deadly triple-canon turrets and a big railgun on it center, wich can only fire straight forward but can deal a lot of damage.

In addition to these 3 cruisers it carry 5 frigate, 2 yellow bombers and 3 battle frigates (not all of these are on the picture)

The carrier itself isn't armed and only one of it side is armored, so in case of battle it commander have to be very skilled to keep it under fire from the right side at any moment.

For that it can rely on it 2 wing thrusters wich help it be the most agile ship of this size. plus in battle condition it 1km/s top speed also makes it one of the fastest. "

Enough talk, pictures now :

It contains 5 light bricks, 2oranges for the hangar, 1 for the main command center, 1 for the second one, and a red for the thruster.


Shiptember lights by Guss De Blöd, on Flickr

here is the docking system in action:


Docking system in action by Guss De Blöd, on Flickr

The mandatory SHIPtember picture, with it cruisers and frigates: :


SHIPtember Mandatory Shot by Guss De Blöd, on Flickr

The bottom with the garden passing through the whole ship :


The gardens by Guss De Blöd, on Flickr

The hangar :


Hangar by Guss De Blöd, on Flickr

and a random picture just because I wanted to put a random picture :


Liked this shot, if only I had talent, I would photoshop it. by Guss De Blöd, on Flickr

more pictures on freelug :

Oh, and of course it's 100% swooshable :


swooooosh by Guss De Blöd, on Flickr

thanks for watching ♥

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Nice color combination you have used at your ship!

I love the many details and greebles at your MOC - great!


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Oh my god, this is soo awesome!!! The color scheme is great and the ship sports a very unique design/shape, also the little vehicles are cool as well. As said above; stunning creation! :wub:

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Bob De Quatre : what is stopping you ! :D You'll get a chance on piloting it if you want to obtain a diploma in capital ship manoeuvring :D they only form the bests pilots! but the entry fee is quite high :P

lightningtiger : thanks ^^ But I got the oranges pieces in the Exo-force sets, I don't own city sets =^w^= (or only a few)

Csacsa234 : thanks, I plan to make more pictures of the little vehicules (and better one of the whole ship) ^^ so stay tuned.

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This turned out really well! The orange/dark bley colors look great and the shape is excellent :thumbup:

Lots of good greebling throughout too. Congrats on being blogged by TBB :classic:

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soccerkid6 : thanks kid ! the shape is excellent because it's shape like a vic viper ! and Vic viper are cool :D

Claus von Nassau : Thanks mate, but I'm not "coming back" I was never gone :D

mpoh98 : thanks ^^ the TBB part was quite a surprise. especially since he blogged it 5 minutes after I uploaded it Oo

BTW everyone, I did another "photoshoot" today to try to make it look better (I'm really not satisfied with the photos), here is the first I replaced on flickr :


Some details by Guss De Blöd, on Flickr

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Claus von Nassau : I didn't post a lot of things here that's sure, and now I don't even take photos of moc I do for exhibition ( like part of diorama etc... )

But I think I posted my caravelle in the history section and maybe the leotraction somewhere else.

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Hikaro Takayama : Thanks, it's a SHIPvember! :D Actually I love the basic design of VVs, so I think most of my space ship will adopt it. I'm currently thinking of building a battleship to accompany this carrier, and it also would be a VV shaped ship.

TenorPenny : Swooshability is a must :D thanks.

Claus von Nassau : THanks , I also miss a lot of thing, as I hate to venture in forums as big as this one, it's a nightmare to find something. I usually wait for the frontpage or TBB to show me the good stuff :D

anyway back to business, I did 3 pictures for the cruisers because I thought they deserved it , click on it to see the other, as the forum don't allow me to post them as images:


I'm surely going to do the same with the frigates, to add them to the lot ^^

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