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MOC Tucker Terra Sno-Cat

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The design is based on the Tucker Terra 1000 / 2000 models. The first version is designed with functions and looks in mind rather than driving performance (by performance I mean speed).

RC power functions control

- XL motor for Drive

- M motor for High/Low gear selection

- M motor for Steering

- M motor to raise/lower the snow plough

The model also features

- Full Suspension - simulating the action of the leaf spring suspension.

- Drive to all four tracks via central differential and Differential for each track pair

- Pivoting Tracks

- Opening Doors

- Manual adjustment to Snow Plough to angle it Left or Right

- Steering wheel in Cab turns as the tracks turn

I think that in time for winter I may strip out the High/Low gears and put in two L motors to increase the power and speed, then test it out on the snow. I may need to double up the tracks as well.

You can see it here


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Sry if you wanted to post these yourself, just ask me to take them away:)

This looks very complicated, I would love to see the linkage for the drive axles to the four "legs".

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Looks great, do you have a video of it in action?

And yeah, I second the request for pictures of the linkages to the tracks ;-)

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That was surprisingly simple. Thank you. :classic:

That was surprisingly simple. Thank you. :classic:

In the end the suspension and track connections turned out quite simple and effective. It took a while to come up with the sturdy design though. Regarding the tracks themselves, the tyres I used on the track guide wheels in the MOC look better, but are a little thick so needed an extra chain link to be put in - reducing performance. For best performance you need to use the thinner - tyres with offset tread.

I will make a video at some point, I don't have a great video camera though!!!

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That looks good. How does it drive? I have some of those tracks and they don't grip well, depends on the surface as they are not rubber. But you can get some rubber inserts parts. I think they are used in mindstorms.


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