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Vjorma Halycon

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Name: Vjorma Halycon

Age: Late forties, early fifties

Element: After getting a new paintjob, she refuses to tell, but some believe she is a De-Toran, because of her acute hearing

Power: Flight, Limited speed

Weapon: Hardlight dagger and mace, sonicsaber, jetpack

Personality: A relaxed old matoran, has a certain aura of wisdom about her, is somewhat bitter toward toa, this might just be jealousy though.

Gender: Female

Weakness: Her size

Affiliation: Krieger's inner circle

Intelligence: Fairly High

Occupation: Gladiator

Birthplace: New Atero

Home: Baryura, Krieger's Arena/KastaneMemorial

Species: Matoran

Family: Husband and both sons died in CoreWar2, now Krieger's mistress











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Interesting design. Love the fingers and toes. Cool color scheme too. The main thing I don't particularly like is the very narrow waist and lack of volume in the "ribcage" area, but that's just personal preference — I typically prefer Matoran to have a somewhat stout, V-shaped design like the 2001, 2004, and 2007 Matoran designs. I also think the lower legs could stand to be a module longer, since even by Matoran standards they seem very out-of-proportion with the larger-than-usual body.

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