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Captain Braunsfeld

The Temple of the Monkey God

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Hi There,

sometime back I had promise to come back with some more "monkey-driven designs".

So (drum roll) here it is: The Temple of the Monkey God.


:laugh: :laugh: :grin:

How did we come up with this?

It all started with a few monkey statues that my (older) son and I developed.

Then it made sense to find a place for them. This is why you will find three different types of monkey statues.


.. and there is a secret treasure hidden within the main statue:


(what else could it be?)


Actually, I could still combine it with some minifigs from the latest series.

As usual, a MOC is never done.


I hope you like this - we're working on more monkey stuff! :wink:


Captain Braunsfeld

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Thanks for your kind feedback.

Now that this temple has found a few fans, I can share some more details about it.

There is a treasure hidden at the back of the temple:


with some additional light effects:


... and, ok, my boys were not interested... :sceptic:

They are more into "Lord of the Rings" right now...

Initially I had thought about hiding the light switch a bit more elaborately, but that will have to wait until the temple is being played with again. :sweet:

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