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Hi everyone,

Of all the things made with Lego, my favorites are inevitably the Great Ball Contraptions. GBCs, as they are known for short, are Rube Goldberg-style machines designed with the sole purpose of moving tiny balls through a circuit. The GBC is an elegant ballet of Lego, and the ultimate contruction feat of these balls as well as their robotic NXT counterparts. The mechanisms that move the balls through the loop are generally as complex as possible, using clever actions that are reminiscent of the workings of a factory right out of How It’s Made. I think, the Great Ball Contraption is just about the greatest feat of Lego engineering that there is.

So I mostly make LEGO GBCs with in particular GBC-plans with more modules mixed in one big great ball contraption. I only publish the final videos on youtube. So subscribe if you don't want to miss anything. For interim updates you must visit my facebookpage or my website. So make sure to check them out as well! If you like what you seeing, please support the CUUSOO-projects (links are below), like my facebookpage and subscribe to my channel.

My latest projects:






Facebook: https://www.facebook...206638589482664


Support site: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/43300

NOTE: I usually publish a video once a months or even longer. Keep in mind: quality costs time and I do not have always time;)

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