MOC - Black Velvet Cafe and Accountant's Offices

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I always love seeing the modular building creations of everyone...not sure I can add any more compliments other than I would buy this in a heartbeat. Great job

Awesome building. Like most others, I also really like the black facade. It gives it an "authentic" feeling.

Beatifull building, Kristel :classic: I love the color scheme.

Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked it!

Very thoughtful design, it feels very real and useable. The accountants' is a smart use of the upper storeys, and I really like how much of the outside is a different colour to the inside of the building - using 2 stud thick walls allows this, and it's a charm to see it used so well.

I take a lot of inspiration from real buildings, and try to make my buildings look like something you would see walking down the street in New York (in this case). It's nice to hear you say that it feels very real, as this is what I want to create.

Having enough space for double walls is definitely one of the benefits of a 32-stud wide building. Does make it very heavy though!

Lovely modular yet again, Kristel :thumbup: The colorscheme is excellent and I like the offset windows.

The interior has lots of great details: the bench seat and stools in the coffe shop, the cubicles in the accounting office, and the bookshelf in the boss's office.

The layout of the rooms and whole building seems very well thought out and I like the coffee shop's little courtyard in the back :thumbup:

Congrats on being front paged, you deserved it :classic:


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