Lego 2013 Holiday Sets 1/2 2/2 (HR Images)

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Well again for the Holidays LEGO will be giving away 2 Holiday sets with a purchase.



These sets will be available through S@H as well as official Brand Stores

But only in those countries where a LEGO brand store exists!

The First set will be available from the 14th till 31st of October!

40082 Holiday Set 1/2 (Winter Village Tree Shop)

Celebrate the 2013 festive season with a limited-edition buildable LEGO® set, featuring a Christmas tree shop, gate, 3 trees and 2 minifigures!

Christmas 2013 will be one to remember with this limited-edition LEGO® set. And it all

starts by picking the perfect tree from the festive Winter Village Tree Shop! Features an

easy-to-build shop with hinged shutters that open and close, 3 trees, tool rack with axe

and broom and 2 minifigures: shop owner and customer. Plus, red and green “ornamental”

LEGO® bricks and money elements to get you in the holiday spirit. Makes a great gift or

seasonal decor for home or office, especially when combined with 10235 Winter Village Market.

• Includes Christmas tree shop, gate, tool rack, axe, broom, money elements and 3 trees

• Also includes 2 minifigures: shop owner and customer

• Hang a “string” of festive red and green LEGO® bricks from the shop roof!

• Close the shutters at the end of the day!

• Chop down the perfect Christmas tree!

• Sweep up any needles that fall with the broom!

• Makes a great gift or seasonal decoration!

• Combine with 10235 Winter Village Market for even more holiday spirit!

Warning main image links to HR version which can be +5000.pxl



40083 Holiday Set 2/2 (Available on "Brick" Black Friday in November!)



Instructions for the two sets!

40082 Black Friday 2013 No. 1 Brick-based Specials


40083 Black Friday 2013 No. 2 Brick-based Specials


All images ©2013 The LEGO Group and used here with permission!

2011 Holiday Sets 1/2 2/2

2012 Holiday Set

Enjoy! :caroler: :caroler: :caroler:

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100 bucks for a tree ??

I know, it's incredibly cheap - the same price minifigures pay for a pizza or even a cup of coffee. :grin:

These sets are lovely. :wub: I'm going to try for both of them, as always!

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Man, all these mini city give away sets is making me want to start buying the modular buildings! Stop it LEGO! I'm a Technic guy!

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I really like set 1. Not a fan of set 2 as I just don't have a need for vehicles. In set 2 I do like the handtruck, just not he actual truck. Set 1 will go nicelt in my Christmas display, maybe even the guy pushing and the handtruck from set 2.

Andy D

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I love the truck, that is an awesome free set.

The other one is a window with three trees, no thanks, I rather have small VW van.

However it will be double month for points. So that's a few more dollars off.

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Well done, LEGO. I like these sets, they'll make great additions to my LEGO Christmas theme.

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Both sets are fantastic, but I'll probably aim only for acquiring the Christmas Tree Vendor. I can't recall what the minimum required amount spent at S@H was in previous years for these holiday limited edition sets, but hopefully, purchasing the Winter Village Cottage this year will be sufficient to nab a set.

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Thanks 'GRogall' for the images......neat little tree seller stand.....though we got one in the winter bakery and now for the's okay I guess - though my issue with is the front end of the truck....oh, yeah the roof.....proportions might be a little out. :blush:

Pity they are not going to be a general release.....or maybe they will allow regular Lego retailers to stock them. :wink:

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