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Help with military figs.

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The difficult thing about being a military purist, at least to me, is the lack of weapons and gear. Jamesn is right, the Indiana Jones line does have some good parts for military figures. For modern soldiers, the best torso in my opinion is the Naboo Pilot's.


However, their isn't exactly a helmet to match the color scheme. The Rebel Commando's torso works well too, but runs into the same problem.


The only helmets that I see that really fi the 'military' category are the Toy Army Men ones from Toy Story. They come in the colors of green and black.

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Well, for purist stuff I would look at the following chest pieces as well:



That's if you're looking for more spec ops like torsos.

For legs:


Just a few suggestions for more spec-ops forces.

And while I am aware you said purist, unfortunately TLG doesn't necessarily reproduce decent looking WWII or Modern weapons. If you have the time I'd look at


It's one of the resellers for Brickarms and some more modern minifig pieces.

I also found this from the recent batman sets


which could work well for modern also.

Hope this helps :classic:

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