Contest Contest: Pimp My Camper! Entry Thread

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Based on the toy from the 90's, here's a TMNT version of the VW Camper, the Turtle Party Van! It features radical door opening action and a skateboard for Mikey! Cowabunga!


TMNT Party Van by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr


TMNT Party Van side by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr


TMNT Party Van back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr

Here's the real toy for comparison:


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My second entry is a VW Pond Hopper! I got a 4th 'new' brick separator last night and thought the orange worked out all too well!


The ailerons are fully functional as well.


It worked out really well because bricks can still attach to the underside of a separator.


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Friends: Stephanie's Camper Van

Saw someone checking out the contest entries at the LEGO Store last Saturday, got home, built the set, figured out the parts that we needed, and made the run this Sunday, then had to find some of the parts that were here in the pile.... versions 1-3 of the front and back looked much much worse, this actually worked nicely.


Stephanie's Camper Van 1 by joshgay, on Flickr


Stephanie's Camper Van 2 by joshgay, on Flickr


Stephanie's Camper Van 4 by joshgay, on Flickr

After this exercise I am very tempted to try to figure out a 6-8 stud width version.

Thank you rick, I just found the codes I was looking for.

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Everybody knows that to properly pimp a camper, and especially such an iconic camper as the VW Camper Van, there is only one place to go: Brick Street Customs!

They have pulled off something amazing with this vintage car, turning it into a modern 21st century version!

So without further delay, let´s present: the VW Camper Van - BSC Edition!


Let´s have a closer look at some of the modifications to this vehicle:

Lowered chassie; custom suspension; widened track; added extra rear axle; custom wheels; low-profile tires; classic positioning of the spare tire on the front of the van; added aero spoiler kit in the front; custom headlights; lowered front roof.


Looking from the rear, we can see more modifications:

Rear top spoiler; massive diffuser; double chrome exhausts; vehicle-wide rear lights; extra brake lights; windows tinted black all around; rear windows replaced with larger versions; side-positioned aero kit.


But, it is still a camper van and it will obviously be used for camping - BSC style! Hence they added a larger roof pop-up and slide-outs on both sides to create a big, spacious living area inside the van!


The VW Camper Van - BSC Edition! Pimp my camper? Done!

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Hi Everybody,

the "HCC-T1" (Hover Camper Craft) is my entry for this competition!

Theme: City, ... I guess?!




Thanks go to EB for this great contest and good luck to all participants!

So long,


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Now that I've finished reading through five(!) pages of entries, here's my entry:

More Than Meets The Eye

Theme: City / Sci Fi / Transformers


I'd have done a big reveal and put the second image of these four first, but I know that the first image tends to get used as the thumbnail for the voting thread, and if I'd put that one first, it might not have been obvious that I'd actually done anything as I intentionally kept the vehicle form (of what is obviously a Transformer) as close to the original as possible.


The complete transformation process (from vehicle form to robot form) can be seen below:

The process can simply be reversed to convert the robot form back to the vehicle form.


Other than the gun which needs to be detached, split into two and stored inside the vehicle, and the shield, which becomes the roof, the camper van can be transformed from its robot form to its vehicle form (or visa versa), without any structural changes - all parts fold neatly away or form the body of the camper van.


Check out the full set on Flickr: More Than Meets The Eye

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I keep thinking of ideas, and can't help but build and post them. Big thanks to EB for hosting this contest (and indulging us all by allowing multiple entries)!

My latest entry: the VW Siege Camper.



Moved about by four soldiers, the VW Siege Camper is capable of mounting an attack against even the most formidable of defenses. This is because it houses an actual working spring-loaded ballista, hidden behind the right half of the windshield!


Follow the links below for more photos and some video clips where you can see the ballista in action, as well as a cut-away view that displays the mechanism.

Ballista function

Cut-away view that reveals firing mechanism

rodiziorobs on Flickr

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Here's my entry; the M-tron camper! Comes with magnet at the rear to carry around the cargo container!


Here is the cargo box being carried.


Here is the cargo box dropped off. Also the sides can open to allow the crane to be operated and so that the cargo box does not hit the sides of the camper.


Another overall view of the camper.


To my amazement parts which are 20 years old are fully compatible with parts which came out only recently with little to no loss of clutch power!

More photos here: http://s3.photobucke...r?sort=3&page=1

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I want a camper van that can go anywhere, so I put those monster wheels on it. :)

and I want its color scheme matched my favorite outfit :)




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Protecting our planet from all alien attacks, the Alien Defense Unit is always on the job. Therefore, their camping van is just a smaller version of their mobile headquarters. Complete with rocket launchers, a trailer lab, and a small Vic Viper, this camper is ready to take on any alien conquerors!


ADU Earth Defense Camper by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr


ADU Earth Defense Camper side by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr

The trailer can be uncoupled from the van and features a rotating and tilting launch pad for the Vic Viper as well as a loading ramp with a small rover.


ADU Earth Defense Camper features by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr

Here is the camper on its own. Even without the trailer and Vic Viper, it's still a vehicle that's not to be messed with!


ADU Earth Defense Camper Van by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr

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Medieval VW Camper

I thought it was time to delve deep into the history to discover the original VW Camper and in an ancient, crumbling manuscript I came across these images.

Clearly the iconic front end to the Camper has been there since the beginning. And so has the two flaming torches. And it looks like the Drivers side has put his sun-visor down.


I'm not sure what's worse - pushing the Camper or moving the tree trunks on which it rolled.


But an upgrade was available in the shape of a Hay powered one HP engine - that's the model for me!


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Today we say farewell to our beloved friend Indian.

He has always been an inspiring man and we will

remember him especially for his love for the VW van.

We hope he has finally found the peace he was looking for.

So this was his last will...





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