Raising the Dead - (ROS) Into the Valley of the Warlocks.

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So Merith and Kylee set forth from Valryrio to pick up where Dugal’s Journal left off. After reading through the journal all night, Merith learned that Dugal had gone on many quests over the two year period, each leading him to a new person or place that could point him in the right direction towards obtaining the Angel’s Tear. It seemed to Merith that it was one task after another, each one more ridiculous, and none had been a sure thing in acquiring the spear.

So that is why she was on a boat now. Apparently Dugal had traveled to Nocturnus in order to obtain a Warlock’s eye. It was said with this ingredient, he could have a spell of direction cast, which would help him locate the next phase of his quest for the Angel’s Tear. Merith knew that she would have to get a Warlock’s eye for her own spell of direction, since Dugal had left off in the journal at this point. Dugal had been smart, where else would one find a warlock, other than the Valley of the Warlocks?

This location was a sacred grove where those of the Warlock order came to fight for power amongst themselves. She had heard rumors of this terrible place, and the evil it spawned, and now she didn’t quite know what she was walking into. Perhaps she should have brought some guards?

After landing in Nocturnus, the two ventured into the interior, despite curious gazes directed towards two ladies entering the swamp. After 3 days of following a crudely drawn map Dugal left, they came upon a valley. In the valley odd stone formations jutted from the ground all over the landscape. The two women journeyed towards the center of the valley.

At one point, where many of the jagged rock formations thrust themselves through the earth, they heard a voice.

“You have made a terrible mistake my dear.” Said a raspy voice. At that point a small men came out from between to rock spires. “Do you even know where you are?”


intro by skaforhire, on Flickr

“Yes” Merith replied coolly. “The Valley of the Warlocks.”

“I sense no power within you child, therefore you two must have a death wish.” The man grumbled. Merith saw another figure farther back in the valley coming towards them.

“I have no such wish, I come to obtain a Warlock’s eye.” She slightly smiled at this.

The person further back in the valley hissed, but it was the short man that replied. “A regent for a spell, I assume. Well, you will have a hard time prying an out of one of our skulls.” He began to move towards her.

“I don’t know, my fiancé didn’t have much of a problem a few years back.” Merith said, Kylee looked uneasy.

“Tsssssk…. Your fiancé is dead!” came a voice from behind the rocks.


DSC_0385 by skaforhire, on Flickr

“Yes, but you didn’t kill him. Nor will you kill me.” Merith said.

“We killed Dugal, we drank his blood, we took his power.” The short warlock said.

“Funny I heard the story went more like this:"

Dugal, along with his brother Paulos, Florbad the Mighty, Lord Goodwyn, and Hex Mantooth – A new Alleenridder, ventured to the Valley of the Warlocks. They had heard of a gathering of some of the more powerful warlocks from Avalonia.


DSC_0389 by skaforhire, on Flickr

The group had travelled to the sacred valley to determine who should lead their order in Avalonia. You see, the Ever Sacred and Unholy Order long ago made their personal battleground in the valley. Whenever a warlock fell in the Valley, because of a spell, they were turned to a rock spire – the strongest being the largest rock formations. It was said that overtime, the warlocks would regenerate and break free of the earth and rock to live again. This is why all disputes were settled in the Valley – the Warlocks could be reborn.

Dugal and company planned to wait until the warlocks began battling and then they would move in for the kill. Unfortunately, the Warlocks had discovered the plot through scrying the day before. They laid in wait, and set off a dummy explosion to lure the intrueders.

The Kaliphlinites were a bit surprised, but they recovered quickly. Dugal took on Malface Orion – probably the most famous of the batch that were currently present.


DSC_0394 by skaforhire, on Flickr

Paulos took on the man known as “Kinglock” The self-titled king of the warlocks.


DSC_0398 by skaforhire, on Flickr

The other three men faced off against others of lesser title. However, the Kaliphlinites were outnumbered.


DSC_0396 by skaforhire, on Flickr

Soon Mantooth was captured by a web spell, and Goodwyn had succumbed to a wall of air.


DSC_0400 by skaforhire, on Flickr


DSC_0405 by skaforhire, on Flickr

Only Dugal’s magic inlaid axe – the Golden Axe of Eastgate – saved him from a vicious fireball.


DSC_0402 by skaforhire, on Flickr

Paulos had better luck though, after running Kinglock through, and dislodging his sword from the stone pillar that appeared in place, he went and dispatched one of the warlocks that were holding Mantooth. Some of the other warlocks fled.


DSC_0408 by skaforhire, on Flickr

Finally, Dugal out maneuvered Malface, and slid his golden blade across the warlock’s chest. Malface did not become a pillar though. Killing a warlock with a magical blade ends his ability to regenerate,


DSC_0412 by skaforhire, on Flickr

Thus the Kaliphlinites had a corpse to take an eyeball from.


DSC_0414 by skaforhire, on Flickr

“I believe that is how it went” Merith said. The anger and hurt in the short Warlock’s eyes was evident.

“Well, I suppose I will avenge my brothers by taking Dugal’s Fiance.” The small man said. “I was there, we lost a great warlock that day.”

“Revenge? You wanted to kill him and become the leader of your order! No, I think not. We can give you something you desire, and there is no need for anyone to die.” Merith said.

“What could you possibly have, that I could not obtain?” The warlock said.

“A maiden’s kiss.” Merith said.

“You would let me corrupt your soul?” The warlock smiled. He knew that corrupting Merith would end her quest for Dugal, for her soul would no longer be pure. “But, I am not going to give you my eye.”

“Yes.” Merith said as Kylee gasped. “and I reckon that your seeing glass would meet the requirements of the spell just the same as your actual eye. So that is the trade – the kiss for the monocle.”

“Deal!” The Warlock hissed.

Kylee rush up to Merith and whispered “You can’t do this, he will corrupt you!” Merith began to reply, but Kylee smiled. “I will do it.” She turned to the warlock. “Pucker up shorty, I will have this honor.”

Before Merith knew it, Kylee had taken the little man in her arms, dipped him, kissed him deeply, and then snatched his monocle from his face.


Kiss by skaforhire, on Flickr

As they walked away Merith protested. “How dare you! You can’t sacrifice your innocence like that.”

Kylee laughed, “Oh honey, I am a Lady of Cedrica, there isn’t much innocence left in me.” She smiled. “Besides, I caught him so off-guard, he couldn’t cast his spell. Then, when I took the looking glass, he couldn’t see us to retaliate. So, there was no real reason for you to risk it – leave it to the professional.”

Merith turned and said, “I was just going to let him move in for the kiss, and then jab him in the ribs with this.” She flashed a knife. “I just needed the monocle.”

They spent the night in a small Nocturnun town, where they found the local witch to cast the Spell of Direction. Apparently the next step was to find a lady outside of Everlast, she would know more about the Tear. The witch warned them though, if they wanted to talk to the Lady Elsbeth – a grand seer – then they would have to bring her the heart of a warrior.

“Looks like we are going to need Lord DaMaximus’ help with this one.”


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Awesome photographing Ska! :classic:

I started rebuilding Everlast as I decided to destroy the rockwork and ruined parts first and then start again :classic:

As it is just you and me atm, maybe I can make part 2 of this story just somewhere in the Rakath Mountains (and then you can do it as well) and use Everlast itself for part 4?

What do you think? :classic:

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Nice storytelling and minifig action! Looking forward to the continuation :classic:

Everlast as part 4 sounds good DM, take your time to let it become what it should be!

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Great story telling Ska, I really enjoyed the pun, well done Sir!

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Nice storytelling and minifig action! Looking forward to the continuation :classic:

Everlast as part 4 sounds good DM, take your time to let it become what it should be!

It is the home of the I.A.M.S. so it has to be intimidating :sweet:

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Sure, DM, maybe there was some wax in their ears! Put it where you would like, just bounce it back when you are done. (Unless we get another volunteer to take round 3).

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