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Lego Hobby ... an AFOL perspective ...

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1) Stayed away from lego from 16 till 36, so 20 years

2) In total about 10 years

3) As long as nice new sets come out, I will be building with lego

4) New building style with studless brought me back

5) I now am more interested in building and the functions than the playability of a set.

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well ... then there is Playmobil .... for the 'youths' of course.

My Playmobil collection was huge when I was a child and loved to combine it with Lego. Sadly I grow up and my mother decided back then to give it all away, she had no chance with my Lego thougth.

Oh! now I am remembering my Playmobil sets! Castle, Fort, couple pirate ships, an amazing mobile crane. couple police boats. Some kind of unimog. Motorbikes, speedboat, a gas station!, skid steer loader and many more, lots of machinary. Sadly never got then train

So many Lego buildings destroyed in Playmobil wars...

Sorry for the off topic, fond memories.

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