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LEGO Sets in Europe were sold to Beauty Parlors & Barber Shops

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As strange as it sounds, back when TLG was making wooden LEGO boxes, these were promoted to Beauty Parlors and Barber Shops.

Why? So you could bring your kid(s) along when you were having your hair done or cut, without having to worry about babysitters, or a hyperactive kid in a salon with nothing to do.

Back in the golden era of LEGO wooden box sets... this was a way to market LEGO to commercial businesses... AND help market it to the parents of children that didn't have LEGO at home.

Here's a short 5 page history... one of the new LEGO DVD chapters on "100 things you never knew about LEGO".... enjoy!


Here are some of the nearly 100 different wooden boxes that TLG sold. Apparently every country had their own boxes...


So many different LEGO boxes... and so rarely understood...

Gary Istok

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