Slaying the Werewolf

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The Kingdom of Hislith was once plagued by vicious werewolves, until one man broke through fear and fought them. Sir Edorin Gwyn rose against the foul beasts, slaying them one by one. During 3E23, Sir Edorin tracked the last werewolf down to the emerald mine, where he engaged the alpha werewolf.


Even with the strength of a full moon, the werewolf was felled by Sir Edorin's mighty blade. Any werewolves that remained fled to the corners of Hislith or neighboring kingdoms. To this day, the pelt of the alpha werewolf is one of the most valuable trophies in the King Hykerie's treasury.


Overall MOC





Just an excuse to practice my rock-scaping techniques. Hopefully you enjoyed the short tale and the MOC. The face is another unique face made by EclipseGrafx.

As usual

C&C is always welcome and appreciated!!!


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A black knight... Didn't see that one coming! :laugh:

Excellent idea, it's so easy to get stuck in narrow medieval European patterns when imagining fantasy characters :wink:

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Great looking MOC. And especially the african or black knight is a great touch, tired o seeing those yellow ones all the time. But wheres that golden visor from? Never seen that in any set....

Captain Becker

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