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SALE - Lego Bionicle Knapsack (2001 Edition) with Toa Mata

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Hi! :)

I was wondering if there will be someone interested in buying probably unique Lego Cargo Bionicle knapsack from 2001. As I have seen It's unavaliable on Ebay. It came out with the first wave of Toa. Maybe there will be someone who would like to buy such a one for his younger brother or other relative. It is supposed to be for children like 5-8 years old. It's quite collector item.

After looking at exchange rate I would like to sell it for around 25$/20€. If there will be not a lot of willings I think I can lower the price. It's condition is satisfactory after all these 12 years. Its legs are only slightly sore. It was used only for 3 years and then It spent the rest of time in a wardrobe. From time to time I took it out to clean it. I would like to add it was bought for 100$. And if you know somebody interested in buying it you can recommend this offer.

Now I will publish photos.







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