MOC Super Heroes (step by step) Update 1st post

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Hi all

I just want to share with you my project I'm actualy working on.

This part will belong to a collaborative with 6kyubi6 which build something similar on the right.

it will be presented for a convention in 1 month and based on Super Heros

Tha aim of this topic is really to show evolution of the construction and each step I need to the final result.

I think it could be interesting for some members.











to be continued....

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I love it, its nice to show us the pictures of you building it which I find interesting and there are also lots of beautiful little details, great job :classic:

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Whats splinter doing?

That's what I was thinking

Tha,ks for your comments, glad you like it

I've taken time to make a good shot of the JoKeR

It's the 3rd and final version, hope you'll enjoy

the JoKeR par oLaF LM, sur Flickr

This thing is awesome! Great work!

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Please do not quote images from the same page. Thanks.

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