Dr. Steve

I have 20 Star Wars Republic Troopers for trade in the USA

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I just purchased 10 of the Sith vs Republic battle packs (I should have them in hand next week). I am interested in trading the 20 Republic troopers in 1 trade, to cut down on shipping cost.

I am looking for the following minifigs:

  • Storm Troopers
  • Black Storm Trooper
  • Black Sith Trooper
  • Endor Rebels
  • Episode IV Rebel soldier
  • Minifig series 10 Revolutionary Soldier
  • most Jedi, Sith or original trilogy minifigs (except biker scouts)

I have 267 Positive comments in Bricklink as a buyer - avitdc

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It depends on the figures, if we are talking common minifigs or ones from current battle packs then yes a 1 for 1. If the figures are more rare then I will listen to offers. If someone wants to unload 20 sith troopers then that would be ideal.

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