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Knifefish- an MCU story

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Okay, its story time again. This time I need to go over a few things, as I often do. One, I came up with this story while half asleep. I wrote most of it when awake and I reviewed it, but if there are gaps in logic that might be why. Also, there are original characters here. I don't like doing that, but I wanted to do an Autistic hero, and there are none. At all. So I made up one. Plus this way I don't have to worry about her being used in the MCU. Tell me what you think about her and the other characters, I may recycle her later for original projects. With that said here is Knifefish. (Its an order of fish by the way)

Over one year earlier, at the Battle of New York

Explosions rocked overhead, knocking against the streets of New York City. Citizens scampered as the ground erupted in fire and cars overturned. The sky was so clear, revealing all the destruction.

Robin stared into the sky as she clutched at her yarn catfish. A powerful blue beam soared into the sky, ending in a tear. This hole ripped through the air, a portal. And through it flew scores of aliens, some atop floating skiffs, others aboard giant whale-like beasts. The invaders flew over the city, raining chaos from energy blasts.

Below the beam stood Stark Tower, a new structure designed by the billionaire genius Tony Stark, the first modern superhero and the only public one.

Stark currently flew overhead as Iron Man, his red and golden armor worn from the fight. With a twist of his palm powerful energy erupted from his hand, blasting an alien skiff out of the sky. He soon flew out of view, busy fighting the invaders.

Robin, a voice shook her out of her daze. Robin turned to see Will waving at her frantically, calling her forth. Quickly Robin ran towards him, catfish held tight. Her black hair clung to her head as she sprinted, short against her shaded skin.

The two teenagers hugged each other from the side, before looking up at the chaos again. You got your stories? Robin ventured, causing Will to briefly double check his pockets.

Yes, he sighed as he touched his tablet, And the rest. You have Kitty? Robin held up her yarn catfish, before the two of them hurried away from another explosion.

As the two teens ran, a fleeing woman knocked into Robin. As she stumbled Kitty flew from her grip, landing besides a building.

Immediately Robin raced towards the fish, while Will looked around. Robin squeezed her fish as she caught it in her hands, before hearing a cracking sound.

Robin looked up to see a chunk of the building above her collapse and fall. The teen stared in horror as the debris barreled down towards her. She could do nothing. She was too slow and not the best balanced. It was the most horrifying second of her life.

And then history took two paths. In one, Robin was crushed, dying in her late teens. But in another timeline

A shadow cast over Robin, blocking her view. There was a clunking sound, as the rubble bounced harmlessly off a circular shield, held over her head. She turned to see a man wearing a blue, white, and red suit, holding up the shield.

Captain America? Robin managed as she gasped. His colors were bright and vivid, arranged with splashes of color. Stripes stood above his waist, and his shield was colored in patriotic hues. He stood so strong, barely slowed down by the debris.

You need to get out of here, the man said, Stay off the streets, use the underground to get to safety. Robin nodded, before running over to Will, who had started to hyperventilate.

Robin took one more look at the star spangled man, as he protected a small family from energy blasts. Captain America was the first superhero ever, way back in WWII. But that was almost seventy years ago. So was this his successor? A descendant?

Will dragged Robin back to reality, and the two took off. As they ran Robin thought back to that split second and shuddered. Her body tensed up slightly, even as she looked into her catfish.


Robin felt her arms, as Will wrote on a tablet. He had a soft smile on his face, even as he glanced over at Robin again and again. The pair of them were in Wills apartment, still within the city of New York after all this time. Robin had Kitty resting on her shoulder, the bristles stroking her neck.

So, how does it feel?

It feels a little tingly, she repeated, I think you asked that already.

Oh, sorry, he looked up, meeting her shoulder. Think you can show me again?

Sure, she held out her hand towards a lamp, just as an alarm went off. The two of them flinched, before pulling themselves up.

Door bell, Will laughed nervously, as he walked over to the door. He sighed deeply in preparation, before je swung it open. A man in a black and white suit emerged from within, though neither of them glanced at his face instinctually.

Robin Watson? asked the man as he approached her.

“…Yes, she answered, meeting his mouth with her gaze, What is it?

I represent the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division, the man said, Or SHIELD. My name is Agent Sitwell.


We would like your help with something, he continued, especially since Iron Man quit being a vigilante.

Robin broke into a nervous laughter, Why-ha, why are-ha, sorry I just Avengers, why are you here? The Avengers was the team of six superheroes who defended New York during the alien invasion last year, made up of the monstrous Hulk, an archer, a spy, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor; god of thunder.

We have been following you since you joined ESU, Sitwell said, You have been doing remarkable things with genetics since you arrived, even by their standards.

Empire State University was a college in New York well known for its genetic research. Unfortunately it had a history of unethical tactics, among at least a few professors. Robin had joined about a six months before the invasion of New York when she was sixteen, and had since stayed with Will Roberts, a close friend.

I see, she giggled, Sorry, sorry, this is-ha, inappropriate. Just-ha-ha really excited. She bit down, and forced her nervous laugh to cease, for the most part.

It isnt that big of a deal, she followed his mouth, Im just on a Think Tank, most of the work on Knifefish was already done by the time I sighed up. Really there were a lot better researchers than me, they deserve the credit.


Its the order the Electric Eels belong to, she answered excitedly, Like some Catfish, Knifefish can see through electricity. Though only the Electric Eel is known to use electricity for offense and defense.

The point is, you were able to help make highly efficient electricity producing cells.

Yeah, she smiled, But I mean Albert formed the foundation, and Nicole did the bulk of the work. I just swooped in. The research was going to be used for microscopic devices in the body, to power them as needed.

SHIELD thinks you can help us on some projects of our own, Sitwell said as he looked over her carefully, Regarding the Avengers Initiative.

You want me to make superheroes, she held her head with a great grin, That is-okay that is great. I just-wait, you arent pulling me out of Empire State for this right? Or moving me far away? Cause I dont deal well with change.

No, Sitwell stared at her face, You can continue your education.

Will she get paid? interjected Will from across the room. He was staring intently at Sitwell, though his expression was not completely there.


Robin caught Will's gaze and nodded, cursing herself inside. "Can I ask a favor in return."

"That would depend on what favor you want."

"Can you shut down research on 'curing' Autism," she asked, "Helping us adjust is fine of course, but I do not want that eugenics in the world. And I know I will be creating superhumans. So no purges okay?"

"If you can give us superheroes then I see no reason why not," Sitwell agreed.

Well before this hallucination can end, Robin rubbed her arms, Alright, lets go make some superheroes. She grinned, even as her eyes flashed downwards. It was a brief glance, nothing significant.


Robin glanced around at the men in suits before her and asked, Um, do they need to be here? She was in a lab in Empire State, with microscopes and equipment at her leisure. She had been working on the project since the meeting five days ago, though only now had SHIELD moved in. Kitty sat on her lay, upside down.

Yes, an agent answered, Ever since December, AIM has been on the move, trying to get as many scientists as it can. We just got to you first.

Robin nodded wearily, rubbing her arms. Last December Iron Man got caught up with a group of terrorists controlled by AIM. The group had possessed advanced genetic engineering called Extremist, though it tended to be fatal to the users.

Extrimist Soldiers were stronger than almost any known superhero formula, with super strength, incredibly regeneration abilities, and even the ability to burn objects through touch. After the fight with them Stark had quit being Iron Man, dropping the number of superheroes down further.

Getting to work Robin began to shape the artificial cells based off an Electric Eel. Her hands slowly, carefully shifted about the genes, playing god carefully. She had done this all before, but details were different.

Hours slipped away as she typed new configurations, sculpting at the building blocks of life.

Any progress?

Robin smiled faintly as she replied, Yeah, it wasnt too hard to adapt the cells to the human body. The problem is control. I dont think most people could be able to manipulate this as is, it might overload them.

Can you fix it?

If given enough time, she admitted. Im not exactly Tony Stark. A lot of this is a waiting game, even with the leap Ive had thanks to my colleagues. Where does that expression come from anyway?

She suddenly grew serious. Um, if this isnt classified, did Stark really destroy all of his armor?


Robin just stared at the wall for a time, her expression empty. Finally she sighed and returned to her work, sequencing new genomes from her almost complete research.


You think they know? Will asked as he put down his tablet. Night had fallen over the East Coast, though the hum of the city persisted.

No, Robin answered, But I prefer they dont. What if they dont care that it isnt safe? She held Kitty in her left hand, stroking it with her right.

Do you know it isnt safe?

Robin laughed, If I understood neurotypicals at all I would be a lot less paranoid. Honestly it might be safe it might not, but I dont want to risk it until I am sure. Just need to stall for time until I know how a neurotypical brain reacts.

You should be standing with them you know.

Silence followed. Finally Robin broke it as she scratched, answering, No. I would have to travel around a lot, and you know how long it took me to adjust to New York. I would just have panic attacks. It's better I make people who can go save the world.


Look Ive been looking into SHIELD, Will said suddenly, Supposedly they formed the Avengers. They knew the aliens were coming.

Oh, Robin looked towards him. Well at least they were prepared.

Some people thing they were behind some of the Avengers, he said, Black Widow, Hawkeye, maybe Hulk. Robin winced, she had seen the bulky green ogre as it had ripped through the city, destroying aliens but hardly carrying for buildings in its wake.

What was the Hulk then?

Military Experiment gone wrong.

Robin nodded as she stretched, Then I should keep quiet. Good. Im going to go to bed, you?

Im going to write a bit more, he answered, You mind it if River calls herself Stingray? River was the name of a former teacher of Will as well as the upcoming villain in one of Wills series.

Its your story, Robin answered, But yes.

As she walked down the hall, Robin suddenly felt something touch her back. As she started to turn a voice whispered, Dont.

Robin tilted her head to see a masked man pointed a gun at her back. She was numb, staring blankly at him. Finally she whispered, He isnt involved okay?

Well now he is, the man answered, Turn around and walk out of the-

Robin thrust her arm out behind her, touching the mans chest. Suddenly a discharge of electricity erupted from her right hand, knocking the man to the floor. Kitty remained clutched in her left hand, squeezed tightly.

As he fell stunned she felt his chest, listening. Satisfied with his startled heartbeat she called out, Will, there was a kidnapper in the house.

There was a great crashing sound as Will raced over, brandishing a lamp like a mace. “…I should call 911, he stated as he glanced at the unconscious man.

First can you hand me some rope, she asked. Will nodded, before racing off. As Robin sat on the man she waited, letting her charge build back up. Finally Will return, carrying an electrical cord.

Have it left over from my old tablet, he gave exposition to no one in particular. Robin began to make random knots on the mans wrists, bringing them behind him. In the meantime Will pushed the gun away with his foot.

Now 911?

Now 911, Robin left the room, pulling out a phonebook. SHIELD, SHIELD, she muttered, Yeah, its not here. Guess we wait then.


Robin kept her eyes down, this time purposely. Sorry, she muttered to herself nervously, feeling Kitty in her pocket. Sitwell glanced at the gesture, but said nothing. They were in a dark room, with a table and a wall of one-way glass.

So how long have you had a completed super soldier serum?

Its not really a serum, she winced, But I finished it three months, two weeks, and a day ago. I started work on it on the side. Since New York.

And why didnt you tell us this?

Look, Im not typical, Robins voice changed slightly, Im Autistic and proud. Only thing I am proud of, before this. But my brain works differently than most people. So even though the implants work for me, as I said they might not work on a neurotypical. And since I have heard some of the rumors about SHIELD, I felt like you might go ahead anyway.

What rumors have you heard?

The Hulk.

The Hulk isntours, Sitwell answered, But trust me, he is better than the alternative. Tell me, why give yourself superhuman abilities?

I kind of always like heroes, Robin looked up briefly, May Chang, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Captain America, you know? And then New York…”

Robin looked at her pocket and said, I almost died twice in New York, both in rapid succession. I was saved, which is great, but I didnt want to be saved. I wanted to stand.

What exactly are your powers?

Um, she answered, I can see through electrolocation, and I can discharge electrical attacks from my hands. I can also choose to make the attacks weak or strong.

“…Was that man with someone? she asked finally, Like you know, Hydra or AIM?

We suspect he was involved with AIM, Sitwell answered, So you planned to be a superhero?

Not after the first few hours of designing it, she sighed, I just, what if I have an anxiety attack? And if I lose my stuff I would lose it. Not to mention I would stink at traveling. So it wont have worked.

So you just wanted power.

No, she said suddenly, you asked why and did it and what I planned. You said nothing about wants. I wanted to be a superhero. And Will wanted me to be one too, if only to be an inspiration. I just, I dont think it would work out. Besides, I can help more people making heroes more adaptable than me.

“…Am I going to disappear? Robin ventured.

No, he stared again, But we may have to move you for a time.

No, she pleaded, before recovering, Please, I cant work with too many abrupt changes.

The world is changing. He answered, It has been ever since Stark built his armor in that cave. We have to change with it.

I know adaptation is the most important trait, she said, But - can Will come if he wants to?

“…I will talk it over, Sitwell noticed her frantic eyes, But I can all but say yes.

Thank you, she breathed.

But how long until you can ensure the safety of your implants?””

There is a spectrum of minds, her voice grew a little strong, before fading, but I could run through neurotypicals in maybe three days? I havent tested people with depression or PTSD though so I would want a full week just in case.

Alright, he answered, But you move to the Helicarrier in two. You can continue experimenting there.

Robin nodded, as she kept her grip on Kitty. "About purging..." she asked.

"You created a superhuman," Sitwell answered, "We will keep our bargain." Robin relaxed, a dash on hope on her face.


So tell me, a woman asked as she looked to her fellows, How exactly did a teenager fight him off?

Electrocution, a man answered, her formula appears to be complete, and probably self-injected. She will not be easy to capture.

If she has already created a super soldier serum she is more valuable than we realized. The woman stroked her head, We still have five soldiers, correct?

Yes, a man replied, we can spare one, however the rest are needed here, until we can rebuild the device.

Alright, the woman said, then send one in.


Here you go, Will handed Robin a small rectangular box, Maybe it can help. The two were aboard a bus, moving towards the pick-up point. SHIELD agents in disguise stood there as well, ready in case AIM made a move.

Thank you, she carefully unfolded the box to reveal a small plastic catfish. Robin beamed, before side-hugging Will.

As she slid it in her pants Will remarked, So I know you are busy, but you think you could check out my new update? I worry its not in-character. Robin was a major character in his stories, known as the hero Knifefish.

You know me better than anyone, you portray me great. Just, are you ever giving yourself powers? Because I can give you powers and it never comes up. I could give them to you in real life too.

Robin, Will looked down, II wont be a hero. I would probably be a villain. And I dont want to ever fight you.

Okay even my self-esteem isnt that bad, she looked at his eyes, why?

I am angry a lot, he answered, you know I dont like neuts. I mean I lash out all the time at ableists, how they screw things up. I know it angers you too but you dont hate people as much as I do. I probably would become Scar or something and end up hurting neuts to avenge my people who suffer at their hands.

You arent that dramatic, Robin leaned into him, And Scar ended up becoming a good guy.

I guess, Will looked away, But I dont want to take that chance.


Robin watched as they pulled up at the airport, as rain began to fall. A large jet like vehicle stood before them, but with a hold for multiple people. Squeezing Kitty as she stuffed the catfish down her shirt, she looked at Will. He gave her a side-hug, before the two of them moved outside.

As she walked Robin paused, as she felt something behind her. She held up her hands, and began to focus. Electricity sparked from her, as she focused.

Behind us, she managed, just before AIM agents open fired from the front.

Quickly Will grabbed her and the dived behind a bench outside the airport, as the SHIELD agents returned fire. Civilians ran from the firefight, fleeing as best they could.

As Robin looked at the attack she felt another spike in electricity, just as a fist slammed into her. She flew across the room, where a few travelers stood cowering.

Robin stood up as a man threw Will aside, knocking him into the pavement. The mans hands glowed red, even as he turned to face Robin.. Extremist, she swallowed, just as the man sprinted towards her.

Robin ran at him, before darting to the side. As he turned she threw out her hand, swiping him with a blast of sparks. The Extremist Soldier stumbled slightly, letting her run past. Will was still unconscious, but she could feel electricity still flowing through him.

The man leapt into the air, jumping ahead of her in a bound. As she turned he swung out his hand, catching her face with his radiant hand.

You will pay for that, he promised as heat burned into Robins face. She moaned, before thrusting both her hands into his chest with as much charge as she could. He dropped her, letting Robin crash on the ground as he collapsed.

She felt her face, throbbing against her hands. Her vision was blurred, and her ears pounded. Wincing she stumbled off, even as the Extremist Soldier pulled himself up.

Robin began to run, letting her electricity enhance her vision. Suddenly there was a smash as he struck her back, knocking her forward. Robin fell into a wall, dazed slightly.

She pulled herself back up, as the spike in electricity that was the soldier charged. Suddenly the blunted sounds of gunfire drew nearer, and the spike stumbled. The SHIELD agents were now attacking the soldier.

Robin could see the large spike tear down the smaller spikes of electricity, the Extremist Soldier had turned on the agents. Gulping she ran, before laying a sharp discharge into the soldiers back. He stumbled, as the other spikes sprinted to a farther range.

She quickly pulled back, even as the Extremist Soldier recovered. Robin needed a way to stop him, to trap the enemy. But how?

Forcing her eyes to work as she ran, Robin turned to Will. A SHIELD agent was helping him up, even as the others fired on the soldier. Robin nodded at the thought, before turning her attention elsewhere.

As she ran she hyperventilated, trying to keep air. Then she spotted it; a plane with a baggage lift. The life was shaped like a large crate, with collapsible beams supporting it.

As Robin ran a punch knocked her into the ground. She pulled herself up, just in time for the soldier to barrel down on her.

Suddenly an arm pulled her away, as Will yanked her out of the soldiers fist. The two sprinted, just as the soldier winced from a barrage of bullets.

I need to get over there, she pointed at the lift. Will nodded, as the two of them ran to an abandoned airport cart. Quickly Will jumped into the pilot seat, as Robin threw herself in the back.

As they drove Robin caught her breath, just before feeling the Extremist Soldier. He was barreling down at them down, moving in great earth shattering leaps.

Finally they wheeled in front of the lift, before Robin scrambled out. She pulled herself underneath the lift, before calling out to Will, Run!"

Not leaving-


He nodded, Good luck Knifefish. He drove off, as the soldier ran onto the lift.

Immediately Robin threw herself in front of a beam, before asking, Why are you trying to kill me, dont you- The soldier leapt at her, even as she rolled away. His touch burnt the beam, even as she ran in front of another.

...Need me alive? Robin finished as the soldier burnt through the next beam.

Alive doesnt mean uninjured, he answered as he melted part of another beam, As long as your brain is okay Im free. And those shocks really stun.

Thanks, she stood in front of the last beam, as the man paused.

I know what you are trying to do, he walked carefully up to her, before swinging out his hand cautiously. The arm caught Robins shoulder, burning into her.

Twisting her arm Robin struggled, finally landing a hit on his chest. As he staggered she pulled at his arm, letting it melt into the supporting beam.

Robin leapt from the lift, even as the beams gave way. The soldier recovered from the sing, in time for the crate to smash into him.

As Robin looked the soldier strained against the crate, holding it just above his body with his hands and feet. As he lay trapped Robin collapsed on all fours, panting. As SHIELD agents rushed to her, Robin noticed another source of bioelectricity. She turned to see a youth, filming with an phone from a distance.

Robin waved as she breathed, before noticing her throbbing head. As Will ran up to her she clutched her head. Flinching at the touch she found something unusual. Her heart was pounding, but not necessarily in a stressed way.


Oh, good, Robin looked at the tablet with Will from their cabin, They got the name right. They were aboard the Helicarrier, the massive flying aircraft carrier. The vessel floated up in the sky, hovering thanks to massive propellers.

On the device was an article showing the footage of Robin fighting the soldier, headline Electric Vigilante fights AIM Super Soldier. Listening below it mentioned how the video recorder heard the fighter being called Knifefish, along with other things seen in the fight.

Robin felt her face suddenly, still sore and scarred. She pushed Kitty into her face, letting the yarn soothe the pain. Will leaned into her as he remarked, Well I dont think you can have a secret identity now. Knew I shouldnt have posted your stories online.

They already found them? she asked.

Pretty much, he answered, Though the topic exploded. I do wish more people were asking more about the stories though and less about you. No offense.

None taken, she suddenly grinned, So Im going to be busy this week finishing my implants. But after that I should have more time.

Okay, he said, Ill be busy too, trying to get permission from SHIELD to adapt your story. I mean everyone already knows, might as well set them straight.

Right, she nodded as the two of them leaned into each other. As they side-hugged the two autistics breathed, looking at the video of Robin in her first fight.

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Nice story! It was interesting having brand new characters, but I think you pulled it off nicely and developed them really well :thumbup:

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Thoroughly enjoyed this story :) Marvel was really missing an autistic hero and the story was really well written. I can really see her being a character in agents of shield ;D

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Thank you so much, glad to know I pulled it off. I do have a sequel finished, but I'm going to wait for a little bit before posting. I don't want to rush it, and since I have ideas for a third I want to make sure it syncs up well.

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