[MOC] Swingloader Mark Two

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After I built my first big MOC construction vehicle, this attempt at a different kind of loader, some nine months ago (boy, time sure flies), I've been wanting to redesign it, implementing techniques and mechanisms I have learned since then, to make a better functioning, better looking, more professional build, without cutting so many corners as I did the last time.

So without further ado, I present to you


Firstly, I had a pretty good idea in my head of how to make the setup with the PF motors, and stack the four functions I wanted on top of each other in as small a space as possible.

This is the first try, which turned out okay, but neede some minor redesign during the course of the project:


In the final version the top two motors are PF-L motors, that operate the lifting an tipping of the bucket (axles 2 and 3 from the top).

The two lower motors are PF-M. One controls the two small LA's for turning the machine, and the other controls the turning of the digger (uppermost axle)

The lowermost axle is of course the drive axle, driven by a PF-XL motor (not in this picture)

Anyway, here is a couple of detailed model images and explanations:

The first two shows pretty much every axle, gear, actuator and motor in the model (yes, the two top motors are IRL PF-L motors)



This is the final setup I used, and as far as I can tell, is completely accurate to the final model.

Here follows some pics of the individual functions

First, the drivetrain and steering:


The portal axle reduction gives it a nice and slow speed, but it can be increased both there, and from the motor and down to the axle.

The twin small LA's gives it a nice and accurate steering (thanks again, jorgeopesi :thumbup: ), although I would have liked it a bit faster :classic:

Also, I managed to implement a simple mechanism for a functional sttering wheel :laugh: :


It turns ~90 degrees to either side as the loader articulates :sweet:

Next up is a representation of all the three functions that go to the front:








And after all that was figured out, I just needed to build a shell around the thing and but on some wheels! :devil:

So here it is as it stands today:

TA-DAAAA: :hmpf:


As you can see, I opted for a much smaller type loader, more akin to the ones you see on construction sites in the city and stuff, and maybe closer to the real SwingLoader brand of swinging loaders :innocent:




It might from the above picture seem like there is a lot of free space from the front of the loader to the bucket..

...but this is why it has to be like that:



This time around, finding a working linkage geometry didn't take nearly as long as last time (even though the entire digger is built from scratch).

As you can see on the next picture, it really does tip nicely when on top :wink:


The battery compartment opens like this, for easy battery replacement:


And the doors open up like this, to reveal a IR-receiver/uncomfortable seat for the driver.


Second to last, here is the mandatory under belly shot, nothing to fancy about it


...except for the fact that I now see I forgot to put in two 3L friction pins to attach the two yellow 3x5 L-shaped liftarms :blush:

And maybe the setup for of the rear pendular suspension! I almost forgot about that :look: Making it with two small turntables makes it extremely strong, both when it comes to supporting weight, and stress in the longitudinal direction! This is actually a key factor to the rigidity of the entire rear of the loader! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

And lastly (well almost, anyway), the tiny tiny tiny detail that makes me loose my sleep:


The transmission of power to the lower axle here, as you can see, happens via a part that doesn't exist. That is the 24 tooth end of a 4L differential, that I had to sever from the rest of its body, to keep the lowermost gear from coming ever so slightly in contact with the small LA's when the loader is turning to either extreme. The setup works almost as smoothly with these replaced by 16 tooth gears, but just not quite... :blush:

So to sum it all up:

-Driven 4WD by PF-XL motor

-Steered by PF-M motor, via two small LA's

-Turning of the digger by PF-M motor, worm gear on turntable

-Lifting by PF-L motor, via two LA's

-Tipping by PF-L motor, via one LA

-Sixth channel open for powered accessories (you can see the output in the last image)

-Easy access battery box through openable engine cover

-Strong pendular suspension on the rear axle

-Four PF-LED lights

-Openable doors to the operator's cabin

-Adjustable mirrors

-Unfortunately no PF-seatbelts for the driver this time :hmpf_bad:

All in all I am very pleased with the result, and will try to make a video as soon as possible to show off the functions!

And as a final feature, I built a crane attachment, similar to the ones I've seen in pictures like this:


Here it is, folded as compactly as possible:


And here it is fully extended:



As you can maybe spot from the above image, the crane and loader is ready to accept a powered winch somewhere, but I haven't gotten around to designing one that is easy on the eye. This is the reason I put the output from the sixth channel in the cabin, for future additions.

And here it is lifting a sort of I-beam:




There you have it!

I think I covered most of it, but feel free to post questions, critisism, praise and suggestions on improvements!

As I mentioned, I will do my best to make a video of it in action! :sweet:


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The cabin needs, in my opinion :wink: , a bit of work to have a perfect MOC. One rare thing with the wheel loaders and all the heavy machinery generally is that they are very narrow, it is very hard to do but fun so that makes you think a lot. I have to build one of these they seem very fun to build, good work again :thumbup: .

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As above...awesome piece of engineering there D3K, definitely worth making instructions for... I'd love to add that to my collection...

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Thank you all for the kind words! Much appreciated! :blush:

I too am a bit uncertain about the cabin, but mainly with the colours! :sceptic: would like some of it in white, but I have close to zero white parts! :cry_sad:

As for instructions; yes, I am currently building it in MLcad, and hope to get some sensible instructions out of that! Nothing would make me more happy than saomeone else building my MOC, and giving some feedback as to what it is like! :laugh:

For now, I have built it in LDD, it measures up to just over 1400 parts (not including the crane attachment), and here is the parts list (expected to be 99.9% close to the finished instructions. :sweet:

Quick notes: also needs either a AAA battery box OR a rechargeable LiPo battery, and two of the M motors should be replaced with L motors. You will also need a PF extention wire, and (optionally) two sets of PF lights.

Also, some parts can be substituted (for example I didn't have the 5 x 0,5 black lever, so I used two 2 x 0,5 liftarms instead, and all the tiles and panels are of course purely decorative :classic:

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Cool moc! I love how the all the motors are in the back and transferred to the front end via u-joints. If you want to build it, a cheaper solution for the 24t gear is to take apart a 24t clutch and take out the metal plates.

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Great job taking a normal model subject (a wheeled loader) and making it totally different! The rotating loader concept is fascinating and you've implemented it very well.

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Well done. :thumbup: The "swing" feature looks ilke it can come in handy when it is operating on railroad tracks.

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Nice job on completing the new revised model,I think there is room for improvement in the cab design..... :classic:

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Nice job on completing the new revised model,I think there is room for improvement in the cab design..... :classic:

+1 i think its a bit too high? maybe reduce the height by 2 studs.

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great build, love the technical challenge you've put your self for and made it work

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Thank you all for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it! :blush:

I note the things which are not too good, and will try to improve them (the cab that is). I already chopped it down two studs in LDD, and it does look better! :thumbup: But I think it might need some further redesigning as well! :sweet:

Also, to hear some of you would actually concider having the model in your collection, just gives me more energy to make proper instructions! :laugh::thumbup:

Still learning MLCad, and especially the instruction making tools, and am slowly getting the hang of it.

The instructions will be divided into modules (front, back, rear axle, transmission, cabin, front turntable setup and finally digger)

So far I've completed the rear axle, and the front of the vehicle (the latter including some three sub modules), and this it what it looks like so far:




Minor mistake on the front I see, but will be fixed before the instructions are finalized

Really have to finish this fast, as school starts next week!! :laugh:

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