Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Avenger (Imperial Headquarters)

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The long awaited "Factions" game, our replace for SoNE, is almost over! To be ready for the final stages of transition we are freezing all SoNE entries. This includes all Freebuilds, BH Missions, and any other build that would earn XP.

We will finish up scoring the remaining MOCs and tally things up to be ready for Factions. All existing XP will be rolling over, so if you've played SoNE for awhile it will pay off!

In the mean time, please keep building! There won't be the same kind of build limits in Factions so you'll be able to post more MOCs without worrying about limits. You will also be able to earn up to 50 XP for each MOC instead of just 5. So build now and you'll be better prepared to earn tons of XP once the game launches!

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