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Skinny Boy

Trio of Taurus Tableaux

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The Bull prefers to travel far ahead of the war party, both for solitude and so he can face any challenger alone. He often takes a different route, exploring dangerous areas, ignoring ancient runes placed to ward off travelers from mythical beasts and perilous mountain paths. He is always searching for a worthy opponent, hoping to engage in battles which will further his skills, or give him an honorable death.

When traveling the Bull wears his thick coat and carries his axe, useful for clearing obstructions or felling enemies.



If the Bull deems a conquest to have failed in satisfying his lust for violence, he will offer the victims a challenge: if any one of them can draw a single drop of blood from him, the settlement will be spared. Else it will suffer the same fate as any other settlement on the warpath. The Bull often uses holy ground or the area near a memorial statue as the fighting arena, to further taunt his foes. In his experience, hope is a better motivator than fear.

When training, the Bull wears a lightly armoured vest, and wields the standard short sword and round shield of his army.



Some say the Bull is only on this planet to wage war. The rest don't get a chance to say anything.

In a full scale battle the Bull wears nothing on his upper body just like his warriors, and wields 2 small blades, one for hacking and one for slicing.

I do believe this was my first creation posted in this forum. A shame really, since I love medieval scenes.

As always, thanks for looking.

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Awesome builds! Love the rockwork in the first one, and great posing in all them! :classic:

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Thanks y'all.

Awesome! Great scenes, I'd like to see a story develop further on this ;)

Cheers, and The Bull is a character in a story I am writing, but it won't belong in this forum. I may do more small scenes with him though.

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